Friday, February 24, 2012

Bui Legal wages war against marijuana

Cameroon - By Tume Humfrey Vernyuy - The State Counsel for Bui, Justice Taminang Ignatius, will use the heavy arm of the law to stop the cultivation, consumption and commercialization of marijuana that is on the rise in the Division. He took this commitment on 18 January 2012 in the State Council Chambers, shortly after a large quantity of fresh off- rooted Indian hemp was brought in from Dzeng village in Nkum Sub Division.
According to the learned state counsel, the cultivation and consumption of Indian hemp was on the rise, and always at the source of criminal activities such as theft, assaults and many more. He regretted that youths and some unscrupulous mature persons were consuming drugs, that often ended up “sapping their memories” and after sometimes, such persons get into mental disorder and cause disturbances. 
To him, most criminals consumed the drug to gain some boldness before going out for criminal activities. “The drug”, Justice Taminang Ignatius stated, “is dangerous to the health of the consumers and the society at large. This justifies why the law is very harsh. As to the penalties reserved for consumers, their imprisonment term is up to 10 years… for those who trade in Indian hemp, the offence is felonious and the punishment is from ten years and above,” he stated. This, according to him, is done to deter and prevent society from any unreasonable risk or harm. While calling on the people to stay away from cultivation, consumption and commercialization of Indian hemp, he promised that the legal department would not relent in its effort to prosecute and punish any suspect or culprit in conformity with the law.
This conversation was ignited by the uprooted Indian hemp, that was uprooted from Dzeng village in Nkum Sub Division by elements of the Kumbo Gendarmarie Brigade in the presence of a bailiff and the deputy state counsel for Bui division that same day. According to the State Counsel, the suspect, whose name cannot be mentioned because the case is still sub judis, is now gnashing his teeth in the Kumbo Principal Prison, while awaiting trial.
According to our sources, the suspect reportedly manhandled three sheep for destroying tomatoes in his farm in a valley at Dzeng, belonging to a certain Abdullah- Vicky. The owner reportedly informed the legal department and elements of law and order went for investigations. To their utter dismay, they discovered that even though there was tomato in the farm, it was more of a marijuana plantation. As a result, the State Counsel ordered a locus comprised of law officers, a bailiff and the deputy state counsel, who went and uprooted as much as the vehicle could carry. A government hospital is expected to confirm the identity of the plant.

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