Friday, February 17, 2012

Bulu Blind Trainees Want Director Sacked

By Mua Patrick in Buea - Trainees of the Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind, better still Bulu Blind Centre as it is fondly called, angrily went to the streets  of Mile 16, Buea, Saturday February 4 for what they termed’ inhuman treatment” by officials  of the centre, most especially the Director, Mr. Fomenky Nicodemus. The mass protest that lasted for over  two hours interrupted traffic into and out of the town of Buea, particularly around the mile 16 neighbourhood, some of the trainees slackly when into the streets chanting songs, calling on government to come to their aid, it was thanks to the kind intervention of the DO of Buea Abraham Chekem, accompanied by the social affairs delegate, that the situation was temporally calmed with a plea for restraint.
In an enlarged meeting that brought together trainees of the centre and some members of the administrative staff, the trainees one after the other aired out most of their grievances and advocated for immediate remedial action to be taken. Issues like the poor nature of their meals, torture of trainees by teachers, lack of collaboration between the teachers and the trainees and, above all, the violation of trainees’ fundamental human rights were tabled before the DO in the presence of the regional delegate for social affairs, Mr. Asongtia Valentine.
According to one of the trainees, Nebuta Agatha, since the appointment of Mr. Fomenky Nicodemus as the director of the centre they have experienced nothing but semi-hell. She added: “We are suffering too much since the new Director came. There has been no collaboration between our Director and us. If the Director doesn’t leave I will go and lie on the road for a vehicle to run over me.” For others, their main worry is the bizarre attitude of a sports coordinator whose name The Vanguard got as Madame Harriett. She is alleged to be arrogant in her behavior, unfit to teach in a centre that takes care of the blind.
To resolve the matter logically, Abraham Chekem called a crisis meeting in the Director’s office that lasted 5 minutes, after which meeting some decisions were arrived at, such as the instant suspension and transfer of the said Madame Harriet and consistent visit to the school by social affairs officials to ensure the welfare of the trainees. The DO went further to give a personal donation of 50 000 FRS plus 20 000 from the delegate for a sumptuous meal to be prepared for the trainees.
The Director, on his part, accepted most of the allegations and promised that things will never be the same. As per his expulsion from the centre, the DO said he was appointed by the minister, and it is only the minister has a say in that situation. The trainees left the hall totally satisfied as they chanted songs of victory and shook hands with each other.

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