Monday, February 20, 2012

Cameroon Schools in Dire Need of French and English Teachers

By Mua Patrick - Students and pupils of both private and state-owned institutions, Friday February 3, converge on the premises of Bilingual Grammar School, Molyko, Buea, to commemorate activities marking the 10th edition of the national day of Bilingualism under the auspices of the Secretary General in the Ministry of Secondary Education, Professor Leke Tambo Ivo. Through songs, sketches, drama and debates, the students demonstrated their ability and skills in bilingualism, with the focal point being “bilingualism for a responsible citizenship”.
The Secretary General in the Ministry of Secondary Education commended all actors for their contribution towards government policy of enhancing national integration through the effective use of English and French in schools. On this note, Prof Leke Tambo called on stakeholders in the education sector not relent in their efforts, but rather to step up strategies to ensure that Bilingualism becomes a tool of interaction for students and pupils in schools across the country.
On his part, the regional inspector in change Bilingualism used the occasion to appeal to government for the recruitment of more English and French teachers who, according to him, are insufficient to meet the needs of the students. He added that out of the 215 public secondary schools in the region with a student population of 1 254 91 students, the number of French and English teachers is just 250, which gives a student /teacher ratio of 1 teacher to 500 students. Worth mentioning is the fact that this year’s edition is being commemorated against the backdrop of some 25 schools not having French teachers.
Speaking equally during the event the host principal, Madame Lois Ikome, disclosed that they are in dire need of French and English teachers. In a school of 3.300 students, they are six and thirteen French and English teachers respectively.

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