Monday, February 13, 2012

Fon Deplores unproductive cultural Practices

By Nyassah Julius - Fon Vubangsi Benjamin has deplored some of the cultural practices that perturb social and economic development. Apart from the fact that some of the traditions and cultural heritage are antiquated and pose serious impediments to social cohesion and rural development, some are noted for gross abuse of Human Rights and freedoms,  he said.

The Fon’s decision to scrap some of the anti-development cultural practices was highly solemnized by some of his subjects The Vanguard accosted to comment on the activities of their new Fon, compared to the diseased Fon Vubangsi Vugha Simon who was brutally roasted by some of his subjects because of his social misdeeds.
Some of the natives deplored some aspects of the ancient cultural heritage.still observed in most parts of the Northwest. Some of the practices hamper economic development as it scares the active population from the villages.
It is apparently against this backdrop that the Fon of Banbanki who recently gained recognition by the administration as a Second class Fon promised to put an end to some of the cultural practices noted for anti-development and abuse of Human Rights and social cohesion as well.
Speaking to the Vanguard recently upon reception of the recognition documents from the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Fon  Vubangsi promised to start up with the gender balance.
He disclosed that prior to his era; it was a taboo for the female child to succeed her father. That not withstanding, it was seditious as per the culture for a girl to partake in the funeral of her dead father if she was not married. “I will put an end to all of these to enable the girl child have her rightful place in my village.” He is also expected to address cases of forceful belonging to secret societies dreaded by most youths today for its mystics.
It should be recalled most traditional and cultural practices of this  region go with mystics, and subjects who abrogate or  decline certain offers by secret societies like the “kwifon” end up being cursed , forcing victims to escape from their villages of origin.
The fon promised to gradually put an end to bad cultural practices that perturb social well being of his subjects.
The Vanguard was told by one of the subjects that the worst form cultural heritage of most villages of the Northwest is the “kwifor”, a secret society noted for mystical deeds and destruction of subjects who refuse to join or succeed their parents.
He told this reporter that most villages of Donga Mantung, Bui and Mezam Division are noted for such cultural practices. He said most youths who reject the offers go on self exile for until a different person is crowned in their place. In a situation where no replacement is made, the crown remains vacant until the person who has been destined to occupy the throne comes back. Most girls who dread such positions go prostituting or serving as house helps in big towns, where they can not be easily identified while the male pick up mean jobs for survival. 
Meantime, the most unfortunate ones are cursed with insanity, our source narrated . He recollected the story of a certain Frederick Asongyen Fulu of Bambili village who is alleged to have escaped the village because of one such incident.
He told The Vanguard that Federick was destined to succeed his father, a certain Paul Fulu in the “Kwifon” society after his death. His father Paul Fulu reportedly died on 28th November 2010 and Federick as per the cultural norms had to take his place both in the “kwifon” secret society and the entire family. 
A few days after the funeral on 10th January 2011, Asongyen smelled doom and vamoosed to an unknown destination till date. His mother is reportedly being attacked by some members of the Kwifon on grounds that she masterminded the escape of her son Asongyen. Some of those secret societies are noted for very awful rituals that most modern or educated youths may not admire, The Vanguard was informed.
He cited titles like “Shey”, in Bui Division and a “Tanto Nwerong” in Donga Mantung Division. These classes of notables most often stay with the Fon in the palace to chart village traditional future and the “kwifon” that serves as the custodian of the village. In this regard, their activities are limited within the confines of the village, he narrated .His mother is reportedly being harassed for concealing her son, The Vanguard gathered.
Until some of these excesses of cultural heritage are checked, most youths targeted by the secret societies will continue to flee the villages for the cities. 

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