Thursday, June 14, 2012

Arrest of Marafa: Marks End of Biya’s Regime

Cameroon - By Oumarou Hammed - The arrest of the former Minister of Territorial Administration Marafa Hamidou Yaya marks the end of Paul Biya’s regime. A source has hinted Vanguard that there are underground plans to get rid of Paul Biya from power either by Hook or by Crook. 

Hamadou Garaga, a Garoua elite, talking to Vanguard shortly after the announced arrest of Marafa exclaimed that it was the end of Biya’s Mandate. It was on this premise that the CPDM boycotted the installation of North Governor. 
He complained bitterly that Marafa hails from Garoua, birth place of the first president of Cameroon, Amadou Ahidjo whose death has been blamed on Biya by Northerners. Biya is said to have tricked Amadou Ahijo with the aid of France to take over power.
“Biya pretended to be a humble servant to our father (Ahidjo) just to cajole him and rise to power; he frustrated him, reasons why he died an untimely death. More over Biya has refused to honour him by bringing his corpse home for a stated burial. Now he has arrested our illustrious son Marafa on grounds of his ambitions to become a president of the Republic. As if not enough, he is nursing plans to arrest more of our elite to add to those in Kondengui. We have had enough from Biya and we think it is time for us to react”, he said. 
Will they hire the services of Boko Harram from Nigeria or some international terrorists? Evidence of dangerous plans against the regime was brought to limelight, during the installation of the Governor of North Region. CPDM militants noted over the years for their heavy presence during such ceremonies were conspicuously absent, an indication of the wrath about Marafa’s humiliation for his alleged involvement in Albatross.
On the political platform, the Northerners are scheming to give a total blackout to the CPDM in up coming election. Care must be taken as Vanguard over heard one of the northern elite describing Cameroon as sitting on a time bomb. Some say Cameroon is like ‘Mount Cameroon’, which nobody knows when the volcanic eruption would occur.
Political pundits have opined that Biya is being misled with the intension to cause the collapse of his government given that Marafa has been the architect of all electoral machinations to keep Biya in power. Some of them concluded that Biya’s advisers are deliberately misleading him to commit more political errors that could trigger a political upheaval to lead to the collapse of his regime.

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