Thursday, June 14, 2012

Man attempts killing own father for money

Cameroon - A 38-year-old man is presently at large with his gang of 4 following an abortive attempt to kill his own father for love of money. The man whose name Vanguard got as Jerome A. T. is said to have rallied five hoodlums in the night of the 23rd April 2012 to attack his own father and collect money. 
As the story goes, Jerome’s father, a retired state servant reportedly received his pension and Jerome his son who happens to be a school dropout forced the father to settle him, but the father insisted that he must learn a trade before he can settle him.
Angered by the father’s resistance, Jerome arranged with his friends to rough handle his father and force him to sign a blank check or tell him where he had kept the money – his father who is in his late 60s vowed to die than comply with their demands. 
Angered by the resistance of his father, Jerome and his gang handled him to near-death. The father reported collapsed. Jerome and gang. thought his father dead and took to their heels.. He later on regained consciousness but still asked to be taken to the Hospital, where he is still having bed rest and a secured environment to avoid Jerome and his gang. Investigations are going on to track down the said Jerome.

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