Wednesday, September 5, 2012

381 Illegal Schools To Be Closed In NW

Cameroon - Some 381 schools operating in illegality will in the days ahead close their doors following plans by North West Basic Education Delegate to implement the Ministerial decision to the later. The delegate, Madam Fon Susan disclosed plans to close the illegal schools in at the Bamenda Congress Hall during a two day sector meeting that culminated in the launching 2012/13 academic year Tuesday to Wednesday. She warned parents against such schools and the proprietors as well given that the heavy hand of the law would be meted on defaulters of the Ministerial decision.

She also disclosed during the meeting that the Japanese government is going to assist the Region in the construction of some 18 primaries schools. Expressing gratitude to the Japanese government for the bonanza, madam Fon Suzan recounted that apart from acute shortage of teachers, the number of class rooms harboring over four hundred and twenty five thousands pupils was not enough. Apart from the insufficiency of class rooms there is also acute shortage of teachers. 

She maintained that there are only one thousand five hundred and ninety three teachers (1593) against 425000 pupils giving a ratio of one teacher to 267 pupils (1: 267). This is pedagogically incorrect as it gives the teachers too much work. It is apparently on this premise that she hailed teachers for their assiduity over the years in spite of their poor working condition.

Harping on the schools infrastructure, the delegate lamented that  most primary schools of the region do not have befitting structures. With over 425.000 pupils, there is only 9.040 class rooms. This number encompasses both make shift and temporal and permanent structures,she said.

It is on this note that she considered plans by the Japanese government to assist the region with 18 school structures is a stitch in time. On academics, North West region reportedly scored 84% at the 2012 First School Leaving certificate examination and 77% at the Common Entrance Examination.

The secretary general at the northwest governor’s office Confiance Ebone warned against absenteeism and all forms of unorthodox behavours that could plague the smooth take off of 2012/2013 academic year.

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