Saturday, September 29, 2012

Achidi Achu sponsored to frustrate the Southern Cameroons Struggle

Cameroon - Bamenda - Sources from Bamenda claim former Prime Minister Simon Achidi Achu has been accused of being sponsored by the powers that be to frustrate the Southern Cameroons struggle for independence led by the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC). He is aided in his nefarius mission by a certain Nebafuh Emmanuel, who claims to be the Programs Director of "Cameroon Council for Unification", a questionable group based in London.

A renowned and shrewd politician the Rt Hon Achidi Achu has been nicknamed “The Old Fox” Anyone who has seen the role played by the fox in folk tales will be able to interpret why he is called the “Old Fox”. The recent memo by the NW Fons dissociating themselves from the SCNC, which has only gone to tarnish an already battered image of the hitherto respected Fons, is purportedly his handiwork. They motivated , with crumbs of bread purportedly from the system.This move has only further reduced the Fons to puppets and paupers or “Royal beggars”.

How the mafia was manifested in Bamenda

It all started with a meeting held under the auspices of the Northwest Fons convened by Emmanuel Nebafuh all the way from London in conjunction with the “Old Fox”. The language spoken during the meeting was that of the regime that has been fighting day and night to stifle the Anglophone separatist movement. They crusade for a one and indivisible Cameroon arguing that SCNC and other pressure groups championing the Anglophones course are deceiving people given that the Queen of England and the United Nations are not in support of the secession.

Pundits have questioned whether they are trying render the Banjul Court Ruling and Koffi Anan's frequent diplomatic missions to Cameroon and Africa for this purpose null and void ? This was rather misguided and mischievous pundits have condemned the movement arguing that they have been paid to deceive Anglophone Cameroonians with false declarations machinated to authenticate their double standards movement.

Their actions have prompted speculations among pundits that they must be sponsored from somewhere by somebody. However many observers predict that their actions will fail dismally as the people had turned their backs on the Fons long ago. The Fons therefore no more have any mandate to speak on behalf of the people in a democratic era where everybody has the right to his or her decision.

Such politicians have failed to learn from the past where even after spending huge amounts of money on these Fons to help influence election results, the Fons still found themselves helpless and the ruling CPDM given poor results. One North West Statesman is purportedly reported to have threatened to convict some Fons for failing to convince their subjects to vote for Paul Biya in 2011 after having collected money for that purpose.

According their diatribe, there has never been any official statement from the Diplomatic Missions giving blessing to the Anglophones struggle. Such declarations by the young man Emmanuel Nebafuh's only portray limited knowledge of the history of the Cameroons. There was much in his language to support the fact that they are being sponsored from somehwre. Alternatively this young man may be eyeing a ministerial position given the impending Cabinet reshuffle. It is however not strange given that 1st October is around the Conner and Anglophones shall, as usual, commemorate the day.

Die-hard Southern Cameroons' independence proponents have challenged the forces that be to organize a plebiscite or referendum and see what the results will look like instead of spending the taxpayers money to sponsor individuals or groups to be fighting against the people's will which is God's will. The Fons'/Chiefs' declarations have been looked upon as nothing short of treachery.

However some of the Fons expressed surprise. One of the Fons that spoke to the Vanguard, on condition of to be kept anonymous, said: “Achidi Achu and Emmanuel came to give us food. The Fon cannot deny drinks brought to the palace but I was surprised to hear them talking ill about the problems of Anglophones.” The Fon doubted the genuineness of Achidi Achu and co. he questioned how they should be making dangerous statements against the future of a people neglected and marginalized by the system.

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