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Fon Doh Disappears: Balikumbat and SDF militants jubilate:

-Ngoketunjia fons Union regain steam
-His Political adversaries blamed for witch hunting
-SDF to take over Balikumbat in 2013 municipal and parliamentary election
-How fon Doh died

Cameroon - By Ngong Felix in Ndop - The “disappearance” (death) of Fon Doh Gah Gwayin the III of Balikumbat village has been received with mixed feelings in the Ngoketunjia, Northwest region. While others are jubilating that the man mountain, the tyrant, the murderer is dead is dead, others are lamenting that a hero is gone.

His death has been blamed on his political rivals of the CPDM party. Prior to his dead some CPDM political elite of Balikumbat reportedly wrote to the party hierarchy and the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization complaining about the dangers of Fon Doh going back to parliament.

These letters however leaked and the Fon reportedly got copies with names of the authors. The Mayor of Balikumbat, the parliamentarian and the SDF district chair were some of Fon Doh’s staunch political rivals, reasons why they should apparently be happy that he is no more.

SDF district chair for Balikumbat Dr. Leciga Pius in a chat with the Vanguard by telephone lamented the death of Fon Doh saying: “I would have wish he stays alive to face me in another political battle this year. I was going to crush him come what may.” Although a political adversary, Dr Leciga still love and respected him as his Fon.reason’s why “I am not pleased with the news.” He said.

While the family of late John Kogntem and some Balikumbat political elite who saw fon Doh as an obstacle are jubilating political pundits have opined that the death of Fon Doh marks the end of CPDM in Balikumbat special constituency.

Revamping of Ngoketunjia Fons Union

The death of Fon Doh coincided with a crucial meeting of the fons of the division convened by the Chief of cabinet at the PM’s office Dr. Ghogumo Paul to unite and urged the Fons to burry the hatchet for the seek of the development of the Division. The meeting held at the conference hall of the SDO of Ngoketunjia on Saturday 1st September 2012.

Predicaments of fons and reasons for the non functioning of the Fons union of the division were blamed on Fon Doh and others.Fon Doh’s absence at the meeting seemed to have been a blessing, given that the Fons resolved to revamp the union and held a another meeting shortly after that held with the Chief of cabinet to fine tune strategies on how to reestablish their lost glory and activities.

How Doh died

Fon Doh is said to have died on Saturday September 1st.According to a source he died at the time he was rushing to take a shower at his Bamenda palace to take off for the meeting with the Fons of his division. His guard who waited on him for too long decided to go up to his room just to discover him dead. In spite claims by his detractors that he was a tyrant those very close to him hinted that he was a very good man and a father.

MPs’ Attempt to hijack Govt/World Bank Project Backfire

Hon.Esther Ngala and Questor Hon Awudu Mbaya Cyprian to take credit for a government/Wolrd Bank Project in their constituency has backfired, puttting their next mandate on the line. The members of the Coordinating Committee for the Village Electrification together with their Fon did not mince words in castigating these two in a reply to their continguous letter.

Since the advent of multi party politics and call for proof of stewardship to the electorate, unproductive parliamentarians hijacked Public Investment projects to give the impression that they are the brain behind the projects.

A case of such hijacked projects is the Mbipgo Rural Electrification Project funded by the World Bank as part of the government development programme in Ndu Sub Division in Donga Mantung Division.

In this case the MPs addressed a letter No 000353,ANQA-2012 bearing on Rural Electrification of Mbipgo village to the Fon of Mbipgo. In it they claim responsibility for the World Bank funded government electrification project in the area. The Fon, Shokot James Nsangu, Koshi Zebulon Musha Mbipgo village council president and Johnson Dewi Tanto responded: 

“We write to acknowledge receipt of your letter  No 000353,ANQA-2012 bearing on Rural Electrification of Mbipgo village. We there fore declare here that we know of neither. We wish to draw your attention to the fact that this project was conceived by some elite way back 2010. From then, repeated feasibility studies were made and sponsored exclusively from tax contributions from the poor villagers and some known devoted elite."

"We are therefore very embarrassed that this project that we earmarked on and know all the details, being at the village verge of maturity for execution, an ‘unconnected’ party simply writes to inform us that “the request WE made to the World bank in connection with rural electrification in your village has yielded fruit.”

Questioning the authenticity of her claims they lambasted that: “Ss it not suicidal than that of washing a blind man with cold water without his knowledge? We are sorry to state that your letter is misguiding and intend to derail our devoted people to give credit and allegiance to opportunists rather than the real donor. We strongly detest those who intend to hijack the project for hidden motives or political propaganda. This letter of information and advice is how ever misleading and in a way creation false allusion that either you as Member of Parliament requested for the electrification of our village without our knowledge or we jointly requested for the project.”

The letter, addressed to the Fon of Mbipgo Village, copied Donga Mantung SDO, D O and Mayor of Ndu, Divisional Delegate MINFE, Churches of concern, Village, development Associations, all Njiange groups and the press was from the office of the of the QUESTOR, signed by Hon Awudu Mbaya and Esther Ngala . An excerpt of it reads: “We are happy to inform you that the request we made to the World Bank in connection with the rural electrification in your village has yielded fruits. We therefore call on you people to take good care of the materials that would be deposited in your village for this project, since it all belong to us. It will also be absolutely necessary to for you people to collaborate ‘maximumly’ with who ever will win the contract so that the project will be well execute to our benefit.

The Vanguard contacted some AES SONEL authorities to source the role played by Hon. Esther but was told with proofs that she did not play any role. The authority explained that the electrification project in North West other regions of Cameroon were conceived by Cameroon government and funded by World Bank. They dismissed claims by Hon Esther to have contributed to the realization of the project. 

Critics are asking for the letter she claims was jointly written by MPs and the Fon of Mbipgo to the world Bank for sponsorship of the project. Beside many are questioning why she did not take it to her village, Njepnkang of Taku Village, her matrimonial home to cement her political base given that charity begins from home. Instead of being mute about ‘our reaction to her attempt to hijack the project’, she irrationally misled one national weekly to publish subversive articles about our fon.

We wait to see how she will come to our village during political campaign to tell lies to the people as most of them take credit of government Public Investment Projects for their political achievements to deceive the people in various villages. It is shameful for politicians to claim credit for projects conceived and executed by government,” one Ndzi Emmanuel Shey reacted.

The electorate is making fun of the unsucccessful attempt by these Hon Gentlemen and women to manipulate poor villagers. Ndzi Emmanuel regretted the fact that Hon Esther Ngala of his Ndu Constituency has no challenger in the upcoming legislative election. “We shall vote the CPDM or any other political party if she remains the lone candidate for SDF as they funnily call her." 

Her woes are many and we are disappointed. Where is her driver Emmanuel Ndi? What happened that he died? She is a wicked woman. She frustrated the man and he died, un productive. “You can fool people some times but can’t fool all the people all the time,” Bob Marley argues.

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