Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fru Ndi Under Fire For Campaigning

Cameroon - Fru Ndi under fire for Campaigning against Hon Fobi in party primaries. The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi has again been indicted for politics of bitterness against Hon Fobi Simon Chinda during primaries into the Communication Bureau of the National Executive Committee, NEC of the party. 

Hon Fobi contested with Beatrice Annembom, incumbent National Comunication Secretary ,but was heavily crushed, following Fru Ndi’s open support for her . It is on this premise that pundits have frowned at Fru Ndi for preaching democracy but practicing dictatorship. The rigmarole between Hon Fobi  and National Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi emanated from Hon.Fobi’s intention to challenge him as the National Chair of the party ahead of the 2011 presidential race.

Fru Ndi manifested a related undemocratic act against Hon Jua in Fundong years back during the reorganization of the party. Hon.Njua’s political legitimacy to contest for the seat of the National Chairman of the party was misconstrued by Fru Ndi who apparently considered Jua’s political ambition as seditious and treasonable. It was on this note that Hon Jua was ousted.Although the grass root militants have the right to choose whom they want,the  executive bureau and the chairman of the party have the prerogative to decide who should be where he wants.This dictates of the national chairman has over the years reduced the SDF to a pocket NGO or Fru Ndi’s private enterprise.

Although some of the party big wigs, Mayors, MP’s etc are allegedly said to be  adventurers yearning  Fru Ndi to quit to enable them liquidate the party,Fru Ndi’s overt support for a militant during party reorganization is unethical,considering that he is the lord of all militants. 

That notwithstanding, the idea of plotting against militants who yearn for his position as National Chair of the party is disheartening and out of democratic  principles. “any militant who challenges Fru Ndi’s decision is looked upon as a hindrance” pundits have argued. This queer behavior of the National Chairman accounts for the political eclipse of the party. Annembom Monju bagged 198 votes as against 90 for Hon Fobi Nchinda.

The victory of Annembom  Munjo was thus stage managed by Chairman John Fru Ndi.

Although Anembom is one of the oldest militants said to have sacrificed both her life and job at the CRTV for the sake of the party as the Chairman claimed ,his campaign for Annembom has been criticized. Pundits blamed Hon Fobi for political naivety. “He could not have contested given that Fru Ndi had earlier on indicated his interest in Annembom against his candidature.

What Hope For Hon. Fobi?

The crushing defeat of Hon Fobi by Annembom is an indication of an impending doom for Fobi.It was even alleged that the party hierarchy is machinating to replace Fobi with Madam Dr. Elizabirth Tamanjong National Secretary General of the party. The primaries started with reorganization of Regional Bureaus followed by that of the National Executive CommitteeNEC.

Fru Ndi said Beatrice Annembom Monju, had “Stood by the SDF for over 20 years and even sacrificed her job at CRTV”.

However some militants attributed the diatribe to Fobi’s craftiness. “He is as crafty as a dog reasons why I did not vote for him ”Fru Ndi open support for Beatrice Annembom was in order. ”a militants told The Vanguard.

The exercise saw the emergence of two Journalists, Chris Mbunwe Regional Bureau chief of The Post News paper and Grace Ngwafor of Abakwa Fm radio as Regional Communication Officers of the party. Chris is vice to Grace. They crushed the incumbent Kaba Charles and Stanley Numfor.

Others officials elected into the bureau were; Awah Fidelis Balick Mayor of Bamenda II Financial Secretary S- Mayor Fonguh Cletus-Organizing secretary, Hon Esther Ngala –Treasurer and Haja Patu as vice, Muluh Gideon-Secretary Others who won the Friday August 24 NEC primaries in the North West were Junka Jonathan- auditor,Mayor Mangoh Jones-Education affairs,mayor Langsi Abel- financial secretary including Margaret Kingah, and Denis Kwaven etc.

Hon Njong Evaristus who served as Interim Regional Chairman following the untimely departure of Kum Henry due to alleged anti party activism succeeded in galvanizing his position to become full time Regional Chair man. For the primaries into the National Executive Committee ( NEC), Fru ,Ni John Fru Ndi was elected by acclamation. He was the lone candidate as nobody would have dared.

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