Friday, September 7, 2012

Mbengwi Elite Promotes Unity,Development Through Sports

Cameroon - By Nyassah Julius - Mr Sanji Joe, a worker at Cameroon ‘s National Assembly last Saturday August 25 organized a land mark Cross country race dubbed 'Meta solidarity cross country race'.

With the understanding that sport does not only animate the villages but encourages national unity and solidarity amongst youths , his initiative was highly solemnized by both administrators, CPDM party barons and elite who turned out in their numbers at Mbengwei grandstand to witness the cross country race. The exercise estimated at over a million francs saw the heavy presence of traditional lords who  gave their blessings. Some of the notables at the Mbengwi grandstand was Fons of Kai (Momo Fons President) Kubenyang, Funang Njinibi, Ngokwong, Tugi, Njimetu amongst others were at hand.

The race covered a distance of 10 kilometers with 90 athletes drawn from all the villages of Mbengwei. A cross section of elite and athletes who spoke to the vanguard were unanimous that Joe Sanji is discreet a philanthropist who blows no trumpet about his largesse to the people. This apparently explained why he refused to disclosed the cost of the race to the media. He is said to have done so much for his people but would not want it disclosed, saying that “my people are better placed to appraise my activities”. 

The Meta solidarity cross country race was a novelty given that no Meta elite have ever organized a race of that magnitude. While all participants went home with books, cutlasses, cell phones Achoanoh Carl Fonguh, a 21 year old student of GTTC Mbegwei received the grand prize - Nan Fang motorcycle bike estimated at CFA  500.000frs, with the necessary documents and the first girl in the female category Tifang Symplice of Njaa-Etu a 20 years form 5 student of GBHS Mbengwei who grabbed a 31 inches television set. She did the 10km race in 1 hour,17 minutes.

The presence of Charles Aminkeng, the Divisional Officer, DO for Mbengwi Central was a testimony of the love the administration have for Joe.. He was happy with the success of the event given there was no major incident and no rain, proof of the fact that nature was on his favour. Saturday’s event was electrified by cultural display of Nap dance group and individual artists’ students

Other laureates included Ngoh Louis (2nd) and Teghen Elvis ( 3rd)in the male category;while Ngyen Florence and Lydia Kamsa were second and third in the female category

Speaking to the Vanguard shortly after the race,Sanji said the aim of the cross country race was not only to bring Mbengwi youth together or encourage sportsmanship but to assist students materially as they prepare to go back to school.

While urging the beneficiaries to make good use of the prizes, expressed dismay that the prizes were not of standard reasons why he promised to improve on the quality the next edition apparently next year given the enthusiasm exhibited by the youths and elite.

The section president of Momo I CPDM Jacob hailed the initiative “although it wasn’t organized under the auspices of the CPD party. But as a militant of the party, we are setting an example as our party is a rallying party.” He challenged other economically viable elite to emulate from Sanji to step up the participation of Mbengwi in regional and national sporting events in future. He was optimistic that Sanji Joe’s largesse will have an impact on the live of the CPDM party in spite the fact it was organized under the banner of the party.

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