Monday, September 10, 2012

Ngoketunjia Fons Brainstorm On Development of Division

Cameroon - The Chief of cabinet at the Prime Minister’s Office, Ghoghomu Paul Mingo has deplored inter tribal conflicts and non respect of the law by sons and daughters of the division. This was during a meeting with the fons of Ngoketunjia.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss with the Fon on the socio economic development of the division. The PM ‘s Chief of Cabinet said it is based on the social cohesion within fons elite and the traditional rulers of the area. Question whether they ponder about the future and what the division ought to be in the next couple of years hear him "Are you your brother keeper?" What are you thinking about the future of the area? “This he said has been his worry over the years. Crime wave he noted has skyrocketed. Do not allow your villages to be hight out for auxiliaries of the administration. It is disheartening to hear a divisional officer was beaten in a village.

He called on fons to reinforce the Ngoketunjia fons to bring order to the division. He urged them to work hand in glove with the administration and those coming for the biometric registration. Called for a regular meeting of the fons union, given that the more you meet the more you can solve your problems streamline and chat development programme of the village. He promised to sponsor some of the meeting which he thinks can best discussed in such forum.

On the socio–economic development of the division, recounting the input and strife for revamping of the division.

Ghoghomu called on them to be more tactful in the way they go about the quest for development assistance for the Division. “let us be more tactful and push forward.” He cited the “agropole” project conceived by the state to assist village development project. By 2013, a World Bank project would assist 500 families by giving them some money to enable them meet up with their economic exigencies, send children to school.

Fon Chafah XI of Bangolan for his part said no other person has the prerogative to call them together because Ghugumu is a prince born on the tiger’s skin who knows everything about the palace. Pray the almighty and the ancestors’ of Ngoketunjia continue to protect and bless him for his peace mission.

Fon Chafah said the message he has given is not strange. Installed fon in 1982, he is one of the oldest Fon in the Division. This he said gives him the moral authority to set the ball ruling.

As brain behind creation of NOWEFU, he said the aim of the union was peace and development.Said if the goal of peace and unity was respected, there could not have been any rancor amongst villages and fons .If you love your brother, you wish him well. Ngokentujia has been a shame, big one in the region, center of conflict.Said we have not been going the right way. “I am taking all of you to task “he questioned whether he has ever had land dispute with any of his neighbouring villages like Fonban,Kumbo,Bambalang Babessi  etc.He said most of his rice farms are done in Funban.said he instructed those farmers to pay royalist to the sultan of Fonban every year. Said conflict between farmers should not degenerate to inter village conflict.

He hailed the fon for his conviviality. Saying he does a gentle man owe to his high degree of understanding and ability to settle land dispute amicable without the intervention of the administration.

You use diplomacy to survive. He said there is no love amongst them. He thanked the Chief of carbonate for the initiative that would bring long lasting peace and unity amongst them. He urged the administration to arrest any fon that goes to war. said any village that goes to war with the other receive blessing of the fon. ”led our love not end within our subjects. Chafac said the fate of Ngoketunjia lies in the hands of the Fons of the division. He also blamed the administration for minimizing the fons in case of conflict.

On land, said the land consultative board, he said the fons are member, yet the fons are never invited by the administrators. He said the state was not foolish to have made them members. He insisted that fons as custodians know the villages more than the fon.” If you don respect the administrator, you disrespect the constituted authorities, the head of state notwithstanding. But the respect must be reciprocal he insisted.He Thanked Ghogumo Paul for initiating the meeting that would reconcile them with both the administration, fon and their elite as well.

Fons should stop petitioning elite as they will never replace or take their position in government. We are fighting for nothing and God’s has a plan for each and every one of us. The chief of cabinet said there is no problem without a solution on earth.

Fon of Baba I said they held a similar meeting in 1993 signed a blood pact but is ended in a fiasco. He blamed the disarray on the deceased fon of  Balikumbat and Babessi.While others blamed their plight on some egocentric elite. He urged the fons to be responsible, desist from drinking in public places.

The Fon of Baligashu blamed the destiny of the fon on the differences in their languages. He buttress the point of lack of conviviality,he said some of his colleagues do not know his palace yet “I know all their palces”. The Fon of  Bafanji  blamed their indifference on the fact that some fons think their super fons to others. Some elite feel that their super elite,they go around saying things about the fons and other elite. This he said is wrong .He promised to work in unison with all without restrain.

The SDO Ngoketunjia said he waiting to see what they are going to do. He reminded them that they are the auxiliaries of the administration.The law and only the law should be the base of your action.If you any problem work with your divisional officers. The Chief of cabinet hailed the fons for their degree of understanding and poised to bring order and work in harmony in the Division.

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