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Bike Riders Terrorize Bamenda

NanFang, Na? Bang!

Bamenda - Cameroon - Bamenda town has become a jungle for commercial bike riders. This class of uncultured and bad mannered transporters is not different from wild beasts. Apart from the fact that most of them are a high way nuisance, with limited knowledge of the Highway Code, some of them have constituted themselves into gangsters harassing people in broad day light.

Of recent, a journalist was stripped of his phone, digital camera and other important belongings at Ntambessi junction at about 9.00 p.m. As he was busy answering a call one of these men of the underworld a bike rider walked up to him and asked whether that was the time he answers his calls. Before he realized himself the two boys had fallen on him, seized his phone, hand bag with a digital camera and some vital documents and vamoosed by bike.

Gruesome about the riders is the fact that they operate with impunity, block the high way and in some cases burn any car that crushes any reckless rider. They give no chance to justice to take its course. Whenever one of them collides with any vehicle, the first action is to block the road from other vehicles, beat up the driver mercilessly, in a case where rider hits some body, other riders assist  him to escape. Beside that,if  he is forced to take the victim to the hospital, most often they abandon the injured person in the hospital and disappear. In a nutshell they have a high degree of cooperation especially in the wrong direction.

These "Boko Harams" have vowed to burn to ashes any vehicle that crushes any of theirs, even if the rider was in the wrong. About two cars have been burnt down by these hoodlums who have no respect for other road users. Most road users now dread them as they seem to be above northwest administration. The governor is his official tour of the region promised to bring order into the sector but till  date, nothing has been done. The government delegate has during most city council  sessions promised to regulate the sector but till date no concrete decision has been taken against them.

The number of people with broken limbs and physical deformities has increased in Bamenda town due to the multiplicity of motor bike accidents . The number that have been killed is equally uncountable. Bike accidents occurs on a daily bases in town. The Food market, Ghana Street entrance, Mile Two Nkwen, Mobil Nkwen, Amour Mezam, Foncha Junction is congested. They usually  occupy most of the road where they call their parks causing traffic congestion. Northwest administration is allegedly afraid of the riders given that "it is a sensitive sector" a source hinted Vanguard.  They are said to have stormed Bamenda City Council, trashed the city council security and carried away all the bikes seized and packed for owners to regulate their situation. Till date, no serious action has been taken against them. Reasons why many have concluded that both the administration, the council and the city council are afraid of the bike riders. In this regard, the population will become prey in the jaws of bike riders.

The rhetorical questions is whether the administration dread the bike riders or are they above the law?  Bamenda has become such jungle that car owners amongst other can not enjoy the high way because of bike riders who overtake on wrong side abrogate high way norms with impunity.

Bamenda Gov't Delegate challenged to Ban Motor Bikes

The Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council has been challenged to take immediate action to bring motor bike riders to order. The call was made recently by the SDO for Mezam who advocated a rigid control and limitation of their movement in town.

The SDO for Mezam indicted the Government Delegate for being slow in the implementation of the Prime Ministerial decision that calls regulation of commercial motor bikes in the main towns of Cameroon. The Government Delegate resolved that an extra ordinary session was going to be held to seek a lasting solution to the issue. The SDO expressed these worries during a midterm evaluation meeting of the council held under the auspices of the administration on Tuesday September 18 at the city council conference hall.

On the issue of alleged embezzlement of city council funds of 213 millions, some grand councillors expressed wish that  the two treasurers responsible for the deficit should be arrested but the Government Delegate opined that the regional treasury should be invited to carry out another audit to be sure that money is missing. Councillors argued that the deficit was established after an audit. In this regard, it was waste of time inviting the state auditors who did their work. The two treasurers accused of financial rackets are Mr.Elak and Mr Onana.

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