Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rift Fon Angwafor’s and Bamenda Gov. widens

Cameroon - Bamenda - The misunderstanding between the Fon of Mankon, HRH Angwafor III of Mankon village is fast degenerating to a tribal conflict between Bambendakwe and Mankon given that the Mayor of Bamenda II Council, Balick Fidelis Awa, is indirectly urging the councillors to join in the fight against the Government Delegate.

Although the mayor has over the years been tussling with the Government Delegate, given that his lordship over the SDF-run council is considered an usurpation of administrative power by SDF, Balick’s direct intervention in the rancour between the Government Delegate and the Fon of Mankon over names and demarcation of traditional boundaries has enshrined another twist threatening the peace of the town.

Mayor Balick instead of concentrating on council issues during a midterm evaluation session held Monday September 10 at the council hall diverted to the tussle between the Fon and the Government Delegate.

Reinforcing the Fon’s ire over the transformation of names of some quarters and boundaries in Mankon, he read a number of presidential decrees giving credence to the name Mankon.

Some Councillors however frowned at his involvement in the matter for fear that it could degenerate into serious land clashes “a thing I can not encourage”. The councillor who spoke to Vanguard on conditions of anonymity warned that Balick should   not use the Fon to whip the Government Delegate.

Quizzed on the rigmarole on boundaries and application of names of villages as requested by the Fon of Mankon, he lambasted that the Fon’s argument is baseless and the documents presented by Mayor Balick  out of place. “He merely addressed a wrong audience and I cannot be a party to it although I am neither from any of the villages. The town has grown and a number of things have had to evolve,” he argued.

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