Sunday, January 6, 2013

Corpse of student in classroom on re-opening date

Cameroon, Buea - The Government Bilingual High School Molyko – Buea was forced to postpone its reopening date for the Second term of the 2012/2013 academic year from Thursday January 3, to Friday January 4, due to the discovery of the corpse of a 16-year-old 'Form Three' student in an advanced stage of decomposition in one of the classrooms on the reopening date. The dead student, Fonguh Lovette, from the North West Region of Cameroon was living with the aunt in Buea.

According to the school authorities the discovery was made when the students of the class, excited to get back to class after the festive season, were repelled by a very offensive odour of decaying flesh. They reported to the school authorities who immediately went to the scene and made the discovery. They then informed the administrative hierarchy who came with the forces of law and order and the Chief Medical Officer of the Buea Regional Hospital Dr Enow Orock Enownchong George. A post mortem was conducted to establish cause of death.

Mercy Aghem, Inspector of Basic Education in Buea, Lovette’s aunt, testified that before she disappeared from the house she had allegedly stolen the sum of FCFA one hundred and fifty thousands (150,000) francs from her. As if enough was not enough she had thrown her aunt’s credentials into a pit toilet.

The boy’s father is based in Bamenda before his death and was not around to answer any questions about the boy. He is said to have left the house  five days ago  only to be found dead in Bilingual Grammar School Molyko Buea that  Thursday January 3, 2012 in a classroom  (form 3 A) in an advanced state of decomposition.

When the boy was discovered dead nobody knew if he was a student or not because of the state of decomposition. It was only when the doctor was carrying out the post mortem to know the cause of the death that  he found a small Bible on his hand bearing his the  names ‘Lovette Fonguh’. 

The Form 3 teacher recognized the name as it was in the class list. The father was contacted and he confirmed it was his son. The father reportedly alerted the sister in Buea who transported the corpse to the Mortuary.

It took about 5 hours for the Buea Council to come and carry the corpse to the Mortuary. Many questioned why it took the council such a long time to carry the corpse away. The cause of the young man’s death is not yet known.

He might have been killed by thieves as the FCFA 150,000 francs allegedly stolen from the aunt was not seen in his pockets.

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