Monday, January 6, 2014

Three million pounds for the release of kidnapped French

The French priest Georges Vandenbeusch who was kidnapped by Nigeria terrorists (Boko Haram) since Novemeber 13 at Ngectchewe in Extreme North was freed on Tuesday December 31 after alleged payment of over  3 million pounds to Islamist group Boko Haram.

It  is not clear whether the ransom was paid by Cameroon government or France or the family of the victim. According to a confidential Nigerian government report seen by Reuters news agency extracted from BBC*RIS . hope is the french government paying the ransom..Boko haram is now making much Money from Cameroon and France thus making them stronger and seeing Cameroon as a farm land for fast cash,.  Pundits have questioned whether paying randsom to Extremist like Boko Haram by Biya and co… is it a problem or a solution? The Roman Catholic priest 42 years  was held in captivity for over  six weeks.

Reacting to the news about the release ,French President  Hollande expressed  thanks to the Nigerian and Cameroonian authorities for helping secure the priest’s release, and specially President Paul Biya for his “personal involvement”, an indication that Biya contributed money for the release of the priest. 

Reacting to the incident, Some Cameroonians have opined that Cameroon must realise that Nigeria is a stabilising factor in Central and West Africa, therefore if Nigeria goes down, then its all over for this region because Ghana who seems a bit serious does not have what it takes militarily and economically to hold this region. If Nigeria falls (though impossible) Alqaeda will leave Syria seeing a new haven and sweep this region. 

Nigeria is reportedly  shopping for more military equipment like fighter jets and helicopters from Brazil, Ukraine, as well as naval frigates and OPVs from USA and China while at the same time building their second home made warships and completed their 2 newly home built Gulma drones plus other drones they purchased from Israel. 

They are questioning what   Cameroon is doing to also strengthen its military and also support their neighbours. If not for sovereignty issues Nigeria’s military can forcefully and successfully violate Cameroon airspace and strike and return to their bases because Cameroon does not have the capability to stop their military. So it is better to cooperate with them, the neighborhood is getting more untidy. 

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