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What J. N. Foncha told Biya before dying

From every indication, Foncha failed to see when he had eyes to see and only saw when the eyes were bulged out like Gloucester In “King Lear”. Before his dead John Nguh Foncha expressed disappointment with Biya’s government, reason why he could not continue dinning with a fox at the expense of his people. His dissatisfaction is contained in a resignation letter addressed to Paul Biya before his dead. See full text below.

I have the honor to inform Your Excellency that after careful consideration and careful thought, I have decided to address to you my resignation from the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement and my reasons for resigning are as follows:

The CPDM which elected me as its first National Vice President is the party which forms the government of Cameroon and has been responsible for shaping government policies. 

As the national Vice President of the party, I have found it impossible to use my exalted position to helpin any way shape or influence the policies of the party because:Demands by me for audience with the Chairman of the party to discuss issues have been systematically turned down.Several memos and representations I have made in writing on several important national issues have been ignored. During my political career which spans over forty years, I headed the group that campaigned for and got the peoples of the then Southern Cameroons to vote for unification, after which I went from village to village in the then East Cameroon at the risk of my life to calm terrorism which existed at the time. I even housed some Cameroonians wanted in East Cameroon .I successfully had them reconciled with the Ahidjo government. I missed being shot down on my way from Bafang on peacemaking mission.

After unification, a lot of Cameroonians had confidence in me and when the first Presidential elections were coming up, many people urged me to stand against President Ahidjo. I decided to go for the Vice Presidency instead in order to avoid unnecessary conflict and further bloodshed. Peace in Cameroon counted to me more than any post I could have. When President Ahidjo decided to get rid of me as the Vice President, a lot of Cameroonians sympathized with me and urged me to make  it an issue out of it but for the love of peace, I came back quietly to live in my village as a private citizen.

After settling in my village I was occasionally consulted on some national issues and I accepted to serve the people of Cameroon in whatever capacity it pleased the powers that be to put me.When the leadership of Cameroon changed hands and Your Excellency became the President of the Republic and eventually head of the CNU, I assured Your Excellency that I was at your disposal and ready from my experience to give you advice you may need on national issues.

Unfortunately this was not to be as it became clear to me that I had become an irrelevant nuisance that had to be ignored and ridiculed.I was to be used now only as window dressing and not listened to. I am most of the time summoned to meetings by radio without any courtesy of my consultation on the agenda.

All projects of the former West Cameroon I had either initiated or held very dear to my heart had to be taken over, mismanaged and ruined, e.g. Cameroon Bank, West Cameroon Marketing Board, WADA in Wum, West Cameroon Cooperative Movement.Whereas I spent all my life fighting to have a deep sea port in Limbe developed, this project had to be shelved and instead an expensive pipeline is to be build from SONARA in Limbe to Douala in order to pipe the oil to Douala. All the roads in West Cameroon my government had either build, improved or maintained were allowed to deteriorate making Kumba-Mamfe Mamfe-Bamenda, Bamenda-Wum-Nkambe, Bamenda-Momo inaccessible by road.

Projects were shelved even after petrol produced enough money for building them and the Limbe sea port.All progress of employment, appointments, etc. meant to promote adequate regional representation in government and its services have been revised or changed at the expense of those who stood for truth and justice. They are identified as “Foncha-man” and put aside.The Anglophone Cameroonians whom I brought into the Union have been ridiculed and referred to as “les Biafrians”, “les enemies dans la maison”, “les traites”, etc, etc, and the constitutional provisions which protected this Anglophone minority have been suppressed, their voice drowned while the rule of the gun has replaced the dialogue which the Anglophone cherish very much.The national media has been used by the government through people who never voted for unification to misinform the citizens about Bamenda, deliberate lies have been told over the mass media all in an attempt to isolate the Anglophone Cameroonians who voted for unification and subject them to hatred and more discrimination and harassment from other Cameroonians.

Embezzlement of public funds in all forms and illegal exportation of our currency by the privileged class seems to go without reprimand but is rather condoned.The constitution which I have held and preached as the supreme law of the land is in many respects being ignored or manipulated. People are encouraged to support flagrant violation of the constitution by going out on marches against the existence of multi-parties. In order to completely disgrace me and show my irrelevance, troops were deployed in Bamenda in large numbers to harass everyone in Bamenda of Bamenda origin; my self not excluded, and prevent the launching of a new political party. This was done in spite of my protestation and advice in order to completely ridicule me in my own constituency and destroy all I have stood for all my life i.e., democracy, respect for human rights, avoidance of violence and respect of the constitution, in order to allow peace and progress which God had bestowed in Cameroon on a platter of gold. If as the National Vice President of the CPDM, no one is prepared to listen to me in spite of the fact that the CPDM is the party running the government, I find myself completely at loss as to what the CPDM has become.

Mindful of my patriotic love for Cameroon and sacrifices I have personally made to ensure that Cameroon remains united as a nation, while resigning from the CPDM, I wish to assure Your Excellency andother militants of the CPDM that I shall not join any other political party. I shall still be even ready if consulted to give my advice to the government if ever such an advice was asked for. I hope and pray that the CPDM will change attitude towards the demand for multi-parties otherwise it might soon find itself an irrelevant anachronism. The people who are sincere should encourage the CPDM in this direction because without criticism and competition the CPDM will never improve and cultivate genuine support from its citizenry. Let the CPDM not move towards the direction where it will find itself collapsing faster than man of the “strong” governments that have collapsed in recent memory. My resignation is effective from today the 9th June, 1990.

Thank you.
I have the Honor to be
Yours Respectfully,
Dr. J.N. Foncha
Yaounde,  9th June 1990.

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I was elected by 250 Fons and 11 cannot oust me ! Fon Teche

The president of North West Fons Union NOWEFU  Senator Fon Teche Njei II of Ngemuwa village Momo Division has reminded his detractors that he still remain the president of NW Fons’ Union in spite ploy by a cream of 11 fons to frustrate his administration. He insists that he was elected by 250 fons of the region and 11 out of the 250 because of for selfish political ploy, cannot fire him from his position as NOWEFU president. “I will continue as president till 2015 when my mandates finishes.”

He said that he cannot abandon 231 fons to heed to 11 disgruntled fons who are merely envious of his political achievements.”He said “not every Cameroonian is happy with president Paul Biya but he must complete his mandate by 2018 given that majority of Cameroonians are his admirers, so is Fon Teche with a comfortable majority of the Fons of the region.

Eleven fons of the region met few months ago at Mankon fon’s palace in a desperate attempt to displace him as NOWEFU president on grounds of obnoxious award of titles to the public. He was since then requested to retrieve the titles or face the music. A request that is more than human ordinance. It is apparently on this premise that he argued he could not step down on request of only 11 fons when he was duly elected by 250 fons of the region.

He made the declaration in an exclusive chat with Vanguard shortly after the call by Northwest chief executive Gov. Lelel L’Afriaque on the Fons of the Region to bury the hatchet and speak with one voice. This was on the sidelines of a meeting organized by the CPDM central committee chaired by the vice president of the Senate Simon Achidi Achu to reinforce security in the region against of Boko Haram  on Saturday June 14 at Bamenda congress Hall.

Fon Teche said some of the fons’ are “Jealous because I was appointed by the Head of into senate and as a bureau memeber. The president said NOWEFU does not have problems but in individual fons have problems and this cannot in anyway perturb the functioning of NOWEFU. He dismissed claims that the rancor amongst fons has an adverse effect of the union and the development plans he has for the union. Questioned on the way forward, he  said “we are in a democratic society and people are free to choose where to belong.

Addressing over 54 fons invited to Club 58 for dinner by Senator Fon Teche after the seminar which took place at the Bemanda congress hall, Governor Lele L’ Afrique exhorted hem to respect each other and avoid little squabbles that could blight their integrity ,peace and development of the region. He said the would be insecurity in the region if the Fon’s  continue to be at each other’s throat.

Gov. Lele said a Fon remains a Fon, no matter area where he finds himself. It was on this note that the idea of working against each other fons or claims by other fons as being superior to others either because of their academic standing or population was condemned in very strong terms by the governor.

As auxiliaries of the administration is it “incumbent on you to speak with one voice, avoid meeting administration in dispersed ranks to be able to harnessed the peace and reinforce security and development of the region. They were also exhorted to stop assisting foreigners to obtain Cameroon birth certificates and other legal documents unorthodoxly. The fons’ seized the opportunity to hail Fon Teche for his political ingenuity and steadfastness to issues of NOWEFU.

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Meme SDO Suspends Konye Council Revenue Collection

The senior divisional officer for meme koulbout Aman David has suspended the collection of revenue by the Konye council or its partners along the roads under the jurisdiction of the Konye council. The SDO’s suspension order dated 2nd June 2014 was contained in a prefectoral order no: 250 addressed to the Divisional Officer and the mayor of the konye council and also copied the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization in Yaoundé, The Governor of the South West Region, all cocoa dealers in Meme and other alphabet agencies in the region.

In his letter the SDO was short on expatiating reason(s) for the suspension of the collection of revenue by the Konye council or its partners but went on to state that the deliberation on revenue from cocoa shall be implemented in the council office or the local markets and that the suspension order shall be lifted only after a meeting by the Senior Divisional Officer, the mayor of the Konye council and other stake holders. Article 3, the last in the SDO’s suspension order further states that the divisional officer of Konye, the company commander and the brigade commander of Konye shall be charged with the strict implementation of the order. Most of the revenue of the Konye council comes from cocoa and other bush product. In the meantime, with the indefinite suspension order, the Konye council would be hard pressed for cash for development projects and to pay its workers.

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CRTV - Private Press Locked in Deadly Duel Over Awards

By Nyassah Julius - Tension between CRTV Bamenda and the private press, especially newspapers in the North West has now reached its crescendo over who has the legitimate right to offer awards to meritorious Cameroonians .The duel was openly declared at Azam Hotel on Saturday 14 June 2014 during obnoxious the CRTV Youth Promoter Award ceremony.

During the event, the representative of the Governor who chaired the event in a speech allegedly tailored by the organizers hailed the initiative taken by CRTV to distinguish some Cameroonians was a laudable one that should be copied by the private press who want to venture into the world of awards.

However, this utterance did not go down well for members of the private press who answered present to witness the ceremony. This immediately triggered a debate on who between CRTV and the private press has a legitimate lesson to learn from the other. This, because several newspapers such as The Vanguard, The Guardian Post, The Watchdog Tribune and Lifetime Newspapers have been involved in awards for several years now, and for CRTV Bamenda to come out in its maiden edition to say other private media houses should learn from them is an aberration.

It is for this reason that some of the people who bagged awards from CRTV were seriously screened to see if they really merited the awards or were handpicked .Tongues are still wagging as how Linda Yang grabbed the award of best women youth promoter for the year 2013/2014 when it is common knowledge that due to her inability to reach her own native Belo community Linda Yang lost elections under the ticket of the CPDM and was roped in a voters registration scandal with another Linda in ELECAM who ended up packing her belongings to elect residence in front of the prime minister’s residence after she was sacked for the fraud.

The devil’s advocate sad Linda Yang has constructed youth empowerment centre in the region under the umbrella of CERAC. But it is common knowledge that any other woman fronting as the prime minister’s wife has done same, so Linda Yang has done nothing extraordinary and will go into oblivion shortly after the award apparently meant to scam her. This probably explains why the impresario at the ceremony, Barrister Kemende Henry Gamsey was smart to clear the air that he did not call Linda Yang “her Excellency” ,but rather it is her supposed husband, Philemon Yang  who was addressed as “his Excellency”.

Without being a doomsday prophet , this reporter however spotted some deserving Cameroonians and organizations who were recognized. One of such is the national youth president of the UNDP Party, Ndansi Elvis Nukam .The dynamic young man who is a doctoral student has distinguished himself in the field of politics by defying the CPDM in Misaje as well as being the flag bearer of his party as far as the youth are concerned etc.

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Indomitable Lions Brazil Adventure; Time for Eto’o Fils to bow Out

Barely a few days into the much awaited 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup Rendez –vous, the Cameroonian public has been left in shock and consternation after the Indomitable Lions were humiliated by the Mexican side in their opening encounter of the tournament.

Though there was much wrangling between the indomitable lions and the football managers, led by Professor Joseph Owona, there is no gainsaying the fact that at the end of the day, the each of the 23 players went to the tournament smiling with fcfa 55 million each in their accounts. The surprise however is that the Cameroon National Team has now emerged as the best motivated team from Africa in the 2014 world cup. Despite this, they have not been able to produce the required results.

It is an open secret towards the end of his stewardship as team captain of the indomitable lions, Rigobert Song was locked in a deadly duel with Samule Eto’o Fils. This not only led to rancor, suspensions and other disciplinary actions, but also a much fractured and divided team. At the time, it is  agreed that a house divided against itself cannot stand. This was clearly demonstrated in the 2010 world cup where Cameroon was ranked just one place away from the bottom. The lions emerged the 31st out of the 32 teams that took part in the competition.

Since then, much has changed in term of the revitalization of the team .This began at the level of coaches. Denis Lavagne, Javier Clemente ,Jean Paul Akono and then Volke Finke. The cataclysm witnessed in the changes even pushed Jean Paul Akono to have a stroke. Then came the building of team spirit. This began with the ailing Rigobert Song stepping aside and taking up a new position in the team as manager. The old players have all been weeded out. Before the lions travelled to Brazil, there was prove that they were all speaking one language especially when it came to negotiating their bonuses. This was a cause championed by Samuel Eto’o Fils, the team captain. Little wonder therefore, the flight taking the lions to Brazil was delayed for more than 24 hours. At the end of the day, unable to completely heal the wounds, the Cameroon national flag, was handed to the German coach, Volke Finke,to the chagrin of Cameroonians who thought,  instead of  the team captain ,a Cameroonian  who would have taken the national flag.  Cameroon was  in effect  sold to Germany before the tournament.

It is also very evident that the financial requests of the players were met, leaving them the highest motivated amongst the five teams from Africa. This also means that Cameroonians were expecting nothing but the best from the lions. But they failed in their first game against Mexico. The big question therefore has been asked. How useful is Samuel Eto’o Fils to the Cameroon national team. He fought for Rigobert Song to be thrown out, it was done. He undermined coaches ,like Denis Lavagne and asked for his head. It was given to him alongside the head of others on a platter of gold ,he asked for the team captain job ,it was handed to him, he demanded colossal sums of money  for himself and the entire team before the competition, it was dolled out; to say the least the highest amount for participating teams from the continent. The result of all these has been a defeat from Mexico. So what do ordinary Cameroonians stand to benefit from all of these apart from the fact that Eto’o Fils should be sacked from the team and other young players given a chance?

A recent sports commentator noted that “ Samuel Eto’o has arguably played above expectations for Chelsea this season, but he’s still 33 years old or 35 ,according to Jose Mourinho. Cameroon have too much resting on Eto’o’s shoulders going into Brazil ,and that’s to say nothing of the behind –the scenes machinations that have doomed the Indomitable Lions at the World Cup before”.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mayors Decry excessive exploitatin of councils by Administrators

Mayors in the north west region have strongly condemned Divisional officers, otherwise known as “chef ter “ for excessive dependence on councils for the running of their offices. As supervisory authorities such practices encourages corruption and embezzlement of council funds as they end up finding it difficult to sanction mayor who loot the councils. That notwithstanding, it inversely reduce the supervisory authorities to beggars and sometimes decides for them as “he who pays the piper dictates the tune”.

Most of the Administrators in the region go as far as asking for huge sums of one million francs each for the installation of mayors’ .while other impose certain amounts to be contributed by councils for their economic tours or to equip their offices. Such ransoms are most often not documented as no pay vouchers are raised to that effect. One SDO of the region who requested FCFA one million from each mayor he was going to install refused to sign a PV raised by one of the mayors for justification of his expenditure. The SDO demanded hard cash without signing any document. Meanwhile mayors elected by the population have a time line and a number of projects to carry out and shall be held accountable to the electorates at the end of their mandates.

This phenomenon of Civil administrators depending such much on councils as if they do not have running budget from their ministry has been condemned in very strong terms by the mayors as it is hampering the smooth running of the councils. They complained that those who refuse to collaborate with the exploitative civil administrators on the issue of fuel and other ransoms end up being strangulated by the administrators when it comes to signing of the council budgets and other vital documents which eases the functioning of the councils. Do they not have salaries and running budget? The practice breeds corruption and mismanagement of councils .They complained.

The hue was one of the major worries of the North West mayors of CPDM extraction during a one day sensitization and education seminar that took place in Bamenda on Saturday 14 June 2014.

Speaking at the meeting ,the head of the central committee delegation, the Right Honourable Simon Achidi Achu said the reunion which was taking place at the behest of the head of state, Paul Biya was for CPDM elected representatives and local officials, was aimed at equipping them on how best to carry out their duties. Simon Achidi Achu pointed out that more than ever before locally elected officials are called upon to perform their duties with integrity, abnegation, loyalty and commitment. This, he continued is because Cameroon is facing one of its most severe challenges; that of combating the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram.

Though the meeting was initially announced to be training for locally elected officials on how to carry out their duties turned out to be a mass mobilization and sensitization forum to fight Boko Haram. During the meeting however, the mayors did not hesitate to decry the corrupt and dubious attitude of the SDOs and Do’s who insist on bribe in the form of fuel and even directly, to attend  the normal duties especially when it comes to handling land matters and tours of their  areas they are called upon to administer . The mayors regretted that if the DOs are not called to order, the meeting might just be a waste of time because nothing significant would change with the dubious and corrupt attitude of the “chef ters”.

Corroborating the mayors, the Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council, Vincent Ndumu Nji cried out that the auxiliary arm of the administration, traditional rulers, especially those who are top militants of the CPDM party are the real perpetrators of the Boko Haram phenomenon in the communities. This ,he noted is because they are permanently involved in intertribal and land conflicts that often end up in bloodbaths without any of them seeking to resolve the problem peacefully .Ndumu Nji wondered aloud how the same people who provoke wars in the villages and indirectly invite Boko Haram would be able to wage another war against invaders. While pointing to the archbishop of Bamenda, Cornelius Fontem Esua as a example of peace building, he warned that the unfolding drama in Old Town, Bamenda where a billionaire has provoked uneasy calm over a mosque. Ndumu regretted that the situation would sooner or later escalate into a bloodbath with severe consequences.

The CPDM mayors were lectured on subjects such as attitude and behaviour within the party, respect for party texts and hierarchy, harmony and healthy collaboration with local political officials and elected representatives, attitude and behaviour towards other political and social actors, the compliant behaviour in relation with the supervisory authority and management of people and goods, respect for supervisory authority ,compliance with public management rules, harmony with traditional authority amongst others.Facilitators where H E Shey Jone Yembe, Senator Nkwain  and Culture Minister Ama Tutu Muna and Ntumfor Fru Jonathan as Coordinator.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Self Styled Chief invades Santa Palace, loots artifacts, Challenges Presidentail Decree

A controversial self styled Fon in Santa, Akamachu -Francis Fru Wanki has wrecked havoc in Santa fon’s palace destroying artifacts and carting some away. According to a complaint lodged at the office of the Santa DO ,On Saturday 7 June 2014, a group of armed vandals led by Francis Fru Wanki who calls himself the chief of Santa Akum, Augustine Forguh Wanki, Eric Cho Ndikum who works in the divisional office, santa, Nji Mambo, Chinje Fotum, Nchotu Chinje, Salah Bissi, Salah Thaddeus, Jean Nkemchop and others attacked, ransacked and looted the Santa palace.

Under the command of the aforementioned people royal artifacts and other priceless items were destroyed, looted or carried away. The outer reception hall of the palace and the residence of the fon were ransacked and destroyed with doors and windows broken. The traditional royal items, including the traditional cloth”ndap” dresses and the fon’s traditional regalia were taken either to Wanki Fru father’s compound, Wanki’s compound or other locations.

When the armed attack was still in process, the regent fon, Tende Boma Martin rushed to the DO’s office and residence to inform him but he was not in town. He then rushed to inform the judicial police, public security and the gendarmerie brigade in Santa. The heads of the two police services immediately rushed to the Santa Palace to witness the attack. Unfortunately the gendarmerie brigade which had the capacity to arrest armed attackers refused to intervene declaring that  it could not do so without the DO’s orders.

The Santa Palace envoy also drew the attention of the DO to the fact that the attackers and their leaders are members of the Santa Akum Development Association (SADA) which the DO has received appeals on several occasions to ban because its activities threaten the peace and security of the Santa village.The group is  a branch of the Akum Welfare Association(AWA) and functions to destabilize the Santa village on account of the Fon of Akum . This is contained in a complain submitted to the administration.

It was also disclosed that one of the main master-minders of the plan to launch the armed attack on the Santa palace ,to destroy and loot its artifacts and traditional items is Francis Fru Wanki who calls himself chief of Santa Akum and working as a surrogate of the Fon of Akum .There were several complains in the past about the activities of the said Wanki which threaten the peace and security of Santa. The recent inscription in his compound on Santa territory that “Santa Akum palace” compounded by attackers on the Santa palace on Saturday 7 June 2014 shows that he can continue to disrespect the administration and the law with impunity.

The Santa palace told the DO that for the moment they remain peaceful, trusting that he would take urgent measures to investigate and arrest the leaders and authors of the armed attack ,bring them to book ,set an example for the public as well as show the Santa population that Cameroon is a state of law. But if the administration fails in this sphere, there will serious blood bath. The youths have won.

The rancor reportedly started when the self style fon mounted his chair as a fon to presided over a dead ceremony in his compound on that fateful day. Irate youths of Santa who know him for quest for traditional powers reportedly stormed the Said wanki’s yard and took away the chair. In reaction, Wanki stormed the palace looking for the youths and chair. The regent Tende Boma told Vanguard in an interview that Wanki togs  stormed the palace, he told him that the youths were not in the palace that he was not aware of the incident . Unfortunately “ they attacked me I ran into the palace,they followed and escaped through the fons bed room. They destroyed things break doors and made away with a lot of traditional artifacts. He told Vanguard that Wanki is not from any royal family and he is not born of Santa. He told Vanguard that the title of “Akamacho” meaning warrior conferred on him by the Fon of his village Akum. In this regard his claims as Fon of Santa is baseless and seemingly master minded by some hidden hands to eclipse Santa Fondom duly recognize by the presidential decree of 1992.

He said Francis Fru Wanki is an “Akamancho”, a title from the Akum palace that was given  by Fon GN Ndikum. He told Vanguard that Wanki’s father who fought in the German wars settled in Santa as a hunter and ended up buying a piece of Land from a Santa elite and getting married to a santa woman but pays allegiance to the Fon of his village Akum.

The presidential decree creating Santa subdivision on 5 October 1992 recognized five villages including Santa. The regent told vanguard that when Francis Fru Wanki started exercising power as a chief ,a complain was written against him and the DO,Diyem Jam Lawrence asked him to remove the signpost of the “fon’s palace “that he had put in his compound. The matter went to court and it is not clear how the matter was ruled against the DO, in total disrespect of the 1992 presidential decree creating the chieftaincy.

It is on note that when Vanguard contacted the DO to comment on the court decision he merely said his decision is based on the presidential decree and he waits to see how the court would rise above the presidential decree.

It should noted that the Fon of Santa ,HRH Boma Hope Achiri III lives in the USA .
To go by History Santa Fondom started in 1922 with the first chief of Santa ,being Chia Boma who ruled from 1922 to 1992.The second, chief Dr Alari Nikut Boma from 1982 to 2009 and since then Chief Achiri Hope Boma who lives in the USA  became the next in kin .As such Francis Fru Wanki has never been a chief and does not have any palace connections. He argued.

It is alleged that all the artifacts taken from the palace were taken to the Fon of Akum’s palace but he refused to keep them .So they are in the keeping of Francis Fru Wanki.A bloodbath now looms in the area especially as the courts have abrogated the presidential decree This reporter called Wanki severally to react to the allegations to no avail.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

GCE Board Registrar Goes Tough On Examination Malpractices

The Registrar of the Cameroon GCE Board, Sir Ekema Humphrey Monono has warned that tough sanctions await examinations fraudsters because exams are like money and do not like noise. The Registrar was speaking to The Vanguard Newspaper in an exclusive chat in Bamenda. Sir Ekema Humphrey Monono who is on a working visit to the north west region to inspect the conduct of the ongoing GCE  examinations said all is going on well in a calm, serene and smooth atmosphere.

According to the GCE Board Scribe, since human beings are ever seeking perfection, there is a possibility that some hitches might be recorded .He mentioned rain which is a natural phenomenon, but pin pointed the shortage of question papers in some centres, impersonation, entering the examination hall with pre-prepared material and above all the phenomenon of teachers lecturing students at odds hours up to 4 am in the night as major concerns.

Sir Ekema Humphrey Monono condemned these malpractices in very strong terms ,stating unequivocally that accommodation centres where children are kept up to 4 am in the name of teaching will be shut down while the teachers involved will be kicked out of the entire GCE exercise including marking of the scripts. He regretted that some of these students who are mostly Ordinary Level Candidates end up not even writing the exams well because they fall into sleep. He continued that this unscrupulous behaviour causes psychological imbalance to the students and is very detrimental in their participation in the exams.

As far as the North West Region is concerned , Sir Ekema Humphrey Monono said the region alone sent in 69,875 candidates making it the highest in the country. Out of this number 34,000 are for the O/L while 20,000 are for the A/L because there are also candidates for BAC and GCE Technical. The Registrar added that the number of students taking the exams have increased geometrically, currently standing at 164,769 candidates across the national territory.

Given this huge increase, the GCE Board Registrar said there is need for an increment in the financing of exams. He said the country’s problems are also the problems of the individuals because when there is a higher need there is the need for more money .It is on this note that he moved to address the issue of  payment of teachers who mark the exams. According to Monono, he and his office are doing their utmost best to satisfy the teachers. 

He continued that government is more than ready to listen to the problems of the GCE examiners .He acknowledged that though money is never enough, what will be made available shall be used very judiciously. He said the usual subvention is still being awaited but remained optimistic that it will be made available by the competent authorities on record time.

The Registrar said the written part of the examinations is soon coming to an end and that practical’s will continue soon thereafter. He encouraged all concerned to put in all the required effort given that it is quite a challenging exercise .He revealed that since academic material and marking guides have been harmonized, the teachers will be able to go back to their various schools with material that can enable them sharpen the skills of the students .

He concluded by expressing satisfaction that after visiting several accommodation centres across the North West region, the atmosphere is calm, serene smooth and pacific. While expressing the wish that one day all the candidates sitting in for the exams could pass and give the GCE Board 100%, he said all stakeholders should be very responsible because examinations are like money which does not like noise.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Who killed Lapiro De Mbanga and Charles Ateba Ayene?

Cameroon is increasingly becoming very unsafe for critics of Biya’s regime given the ceaseless crackdown on his adversaries. Evidence is the hue raised by pundits about the sudden dead of Charles Ateba Ayene and the Cameroon artist La Piro De Mbanga. Till date the real cause of the dead Charles Ateba Ayene is not known. For Lambo Sandjo Pierre Roger alias Lapiro de Mbanga who died on 16 march 2014 in New York, he is said to have had cancer. 

La Piro’s life became at stake when he released his last Album titled “Demissioner” meaning resign” a direct attack on Biya. It should be recalled that Lapiro has been anti Biya since 1987, reasons why the state faked his involvement February 25 -28-2008 nationwide fuel strikes. He was then unjustly slammed three years imprisonment for involvement in the nation wide strike .

The 2008 fuel riot saw another worst form of human Right abuse in Cameroon as hundreds of youths were blocked and rough handled at the Bonaberi Bridge uniform men. Hundreds of them got drown in River Wouri while trying to escape from the barbarism of the forces of law and order. Young Cameroonians targeted by government for arrest and punishment have vamoosed to other countries to avoid the malice of the system.

For Lapiro, he was charged for inciting youths of Mbanga to join the fuel riot. This was however a cook up to crush him for anti regime tendency when he launched another direct missiles on Biya in his new album shortly after his release from  prison he became a wanted man .

To avoid the heavy hand of the system, he escaped to USA where he finally gave up the ghost. His 1987/88 album “Member We” is still fresh in the memories of Cameroonian as it did not only forecast the economic crisis but social and economic doom of the nation under  current regime.

Enters Charles Ateba Ayene

Charles Ateba Ayene another critic of the system died on the 21 of February 2014. Although a member of the Central Bureau of the CPDM party, Charles Ateba Ayene was too hard on the system and condemned the woes of the system  without reservation. He revealed some of the deadly activities of some of the top brass of  Biya’s Ministers . It is on this premise that his dead is allegedly not un connected to his critical views and attack on Biya’s government. Pundits have opined.

Longue Longue, Artist

Another star whose life is at stake is the singer Longue Longue whose album “Ayo Africa and another and attack on the bad governance of Biya’s government places him at crossroad with the regime and the colonial masters. His lyrics launched attack on the colonial masters for exploiting African colonies while equally criticizing Biya’s government for mismanagement of state resoiurces. He has been slammed 12 years sentence in France for reaping a teenage.

His plight is not different from that of La Piro De Mbanga. Pundits have argued. Apart from the fact that it is ploy to frustrate his critical musical career . He risk being another casualty. He has requested for transfer to Cameroon prison given the accord between the French Government on issues on imprison of foreign nationals. Unfortunately, his request   granted . He has  complain severally  that his life is at stake in France.

It should be noted that apart from Musicians, politicians, Journalists and Anglophones championing the course of Anglophone independent  are constantly being harassed  by the system.

Before the announcement of celebrations marking 50th years  of the unification with La Republic in Buea, there has been massive arrest and detention of Anglophones due to widespread criticism by members of the separatist Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC, which is fighting for the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons.

The arrest of activists has reached alarming proportion given the eyebrows raised by Anglophones following the emptiness of the just ended celebrations’ marking the obnoxious unification of the French and English Cameroons. Many of the activists are languishing in jail . 

The Vanguard gathered from reliable sources the system has given firm instructions to security forces to crack down on members of the movement both at home and abroad. The regime, our source went on is reacting to declarations made to the press by the SCNC National Vice Chairman, Nfor Ngalla Nfor  whose reaction to the lapses of the 50th anniversary and volatile administration of Biya subject is annihilation and the breakaway of the Anglophones.

Nfor Nfor had earlier own declared that  the celebration of unification was a tacitly recognized Southern Cameroons as a separate entity from La Republique du Cameroun .He argued that Southern Cameroons 50th anniversary was celebrated on October 1 in Buea and in grand style though government arrested and detained over 200 of its activists. The statement since then rekindled the determination of the government to crack down on activists of the SCNC, whom the state describes as  a threat to the security of the nation .Our  source further revealed.

It should be noted that Cameroon was partitioned into two and under the British and French Colonial administration after the First World War, following the defeat of the Germans. In 1961, following a United Nations organized plebiscite, Southern Cameroons reunited with the then independent Republic of Cameroun as against joining the then Federal Republic of Nigeria. This was under duress as the United Nations rejected the third option requested by the Southern Cameroon. They wanted to remain as a trusty territory until they were ripe for independence but the UN objected forcing them into an unholy and problematic marriage.

A few years into the union, Cameroonians of the English-speaking state, (now North West and South West Regions) who were forced to accept the reunion deal on basis of a two state federation, raised concerns over what they called annexation and colonization following the transformation of the country into a unitary state in 1972.

Since the abolition of the federal state, English-speaking Cameroonians are marginalized in all facets of life. The appointment of Ministers   confirmed this accusation. In a cabinet of 37 Ministers with portfolios, only two are from the English-speaking part of the country, heading two inferior ministries, ie Culture and forestry. That notwithstanding, the two English speaking regions – northwest and Southwest do not have good roads.

Against this backdrop, the SCNC and its supporters strongly believe that secession is the only way out towards the libration of English-speaking Cameroonians (Anglophones). But the liberation struggle most often meets with a lot of repression and resistance from the government of Cameroon. Though the SCNC has reiterated that there is no legal union between the La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons recognized by the United Nations,but the latter has insisted that the country is one and indivisible.
Manifestations against the woes of the Biya’s government like that 25 to 28 February 2008 most often  lead to several deaths  orchestrated by the dogs of war of the system. Many arrested are still detained in prison camps without trial.

The Government is also said to have intensified the search for radical SCNC
activists said to have recently cautioned the Western Front of the movement to reinforce diplomatic effort to ease the separation.

In the meantime, The Vanguard gathered that following the publication of the recent statement, unidentified security agents have been raiding the families’ residence of some activists residing abroad back home. Amongst those said have escaped the country for fear of arrest and torture whose families and  homes are permanently raided in search of evidence include; Atabong Ernest , Wanto James .Niba Johnson ,  Ambassador Fussong, the Youths leader Akwanga, Polnareff  Ameli , Ndede Alphones  amongst others.  A source hinted vanguard that Polnareff is allegedly targeted for spear heading the 2088 February 25 -28 strike in Bamenda.

Meanwhile Ebong and Fussong  a  high profile civil servants who fled Cameroon reportedly because of repeated threats on their lives as other activists were being prosecuted.

Our source said the Government fears that the UN may step and declare the independent Southern Cameroon state

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