Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CRTV - Private Press Locked in Deadly Duel Over Awards

By Nyassah Julius - Tension between CRTV Bamenda and the private press, especially newspapers in the North West has now reached its crescendo over who has the legitimate right to offer awards to meritorious Cameroonians .The duel was openly declared at Azam Hotel on Saturday 14 June 2014 during obnoxious the CRTV Youth Promoter Award ceremony.

During the event, the representative of the Governor who chaired the event in a speech allegedly tailored by the organizers hailed the initiative taken by CRTV to distinguish some Cameroonians was a laudable one that should be copied by the private press who want to venture into the world of awards.

However, this utterance did not go down well for members of the private press who answered present to witness the ceremony. This immediately triggered a debate on who between CRTV and the private press has a legitimate lesson to learn from the other. This, because several newspapers such as The Vanguard, The Guardian Post, The Watchdog Tribune and Lifetime Newspapers have been involved in awards for several years now, and for CRTV Bamenda to come out in its maiden edition to say other private media houses should learn from them is an aberration.

It is for this reason that some of the people who bagged awards from CRTV were seriously screened to see if they really merited the awards or were handpicked .Tongues are still wagging as how Linda Yang grabbed the award of best women youth promoter for the year 2013/2014 when it is common knowledge that due to her inability to reach her own native Belo community Linda Yang lost elections under the ticket of the CPDM and was roped in a voters registration scandal with another Linda in ELECAM who ended up packing her belongings to elect residence in front of the prime minister’s residence after she was sacked for the fraud.

The devil’s advocate sad Linda Yang has constructed youth empowerment centre in the region under the umbrella of CERAC. But it is common knowledge that any other woman fronting as the prime minister’s wife has done same, so Linda Yang has done nothing extraordinary and will go into oblivion shortly after the award apparently meant to scam her. This probably explains why the impresario at the ceremony, Barrister Kemende Henry Gamsey was smart to clear the air that he did not call Linda Yang “her Excellency” ,but rather it is her supposed husband, Philemon Yang  who was addressed as “his Excellency”.

Without being a doomsday prophet , this reporter however spotted some deserving Cameroonians and organizations who were recognized. One of such is the national youth president of the UNDP Party, Ndansi Elvis Nukam .The dynamic young man who is a doctoral student has distinguished himself in the field of politics by defying the CPDM in Misaje as well as being the flag bearer of his party as far as the youth are concerned etc.

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