Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mayors Decry excessive exploitatin of councils by Administrators

Mayors in the north west region have strongly condemned Divisional officers, otherwise known as “chef ter “ for excessive dependence on councils for the running of their offices. As supervisory authorities such practices encourages corruption and embezzlement of council funds as they end up finding it difficult to sanction mayor who loot the councils. That notwithstanding, it inversely reduce the supervisory authorities to beggars and sometimes decides for them as “he who pays the piper dictates the tune”.

Most of the Administrators in the region go as far as asking for huge sums of one million francs each for the installation of mayors’ .while other impose certain amounts to be contributed by councils for their economic tours or to equip their offices. Such ransoms are most often not documented as no pay vouchers are raised to that effect. One SDO of the region who requested FCFA one million from each mayor he was going to install refused to sign a PV raised by one of the mayors for justification of his expenditure. The SDO demanded hard cash without signing any document. Meanwhile mayors elected by the population have a time line and a number of projects to carry out and shall be held accountable to the electorates at the end of their mandates.

This phenomenon of Civil administrators depending such much on councils as if they do not have running budget from their ministry has been condemned in very strong terms by the mayors as it is hampering the smooth running of the councils. They complained that those who refuse to collaborate with the exploitative civil administrators on the issue of fuel and other ransoms end up being strangulated by the administrators when it comes to signing of the council budgets and other vital documents which eases the functioning of the councils. Do they not have salaries and running budget? The practice breeds corruption and mismanagement of councils .They complained.

The hue was one of the major worries of the North West mayors of CPDM extraction during a one day sensitization and education seminar that took place in Bamenda on Saturday 14 June 2014.

Speaking at the meeting ,the head of the central committee delegation, the Right Honourable Simon Achidi Achu said the reunion which was taking place at the behest of the head of state, Paul Biya was for CPDM elected representatives and local officials, was aimed at equipping them on how best to carry out their duties. Simon Achidi Achu pointed out that more than ever before locally elected officials are called upon to perform their duties with integrity, abnegation, loyalty and commitment. This, he continued is because Cameroon is facing one of its most severe challenges; that of combating the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram.

Though the meeting was initially announced to be training for locally elected officials on how to carry out their duties turned out to be a mass mobilization and sensitization forum to fight Boko Haram. During the meeting however, the mayors did not hesitate to decry the corrupt and dubious attitude of the SDOs and Do’s who insist on bribe in the form of fuel and even directly, to attend  the normal duties especially when it comes to handling land matters and tours of their  areas they are called upon to administer . The mayors regretted that if the DOs are not called to order, the meeting might just be a waste of time because nothing significant would change with the dubious and corrupt attitude of the “chef ters”.

Corroborating the mayors, the Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council, Vincent Ndumu Nji cried out that the auxiliary arm of the administration, traditional rulers, especially those who are top militants of the CPDM party are the real perpetrators of the Boko Haram phenomenon in the communities. This ,he noted is because they are permanently involved in intertribal and land conflicts that often end up in bloodbaths without any of them seeking to resolve the problem peacefully .Ndumu Nji wondered aloud how the same people who provoke wars in the villages and indirectly invite Boko Haram would be able to wage another war against invaders. While pointing to the archbishop of Bamenda, Cornelius Fontem Esua as a example of peace building, he warned that the unfolding drama in Old Town, Bamenda where a billionaire has provoked uneasy calm over a mosque. Ndumu regretted that the situation would sooner or later escalate into a bloodbath with severe consequences.

The CPDM mayors were lectured on subjects such as attitude and behaviour within the party, respect for party texts and hierarchy, harmony and healthy collaboration with local political officials and elected representatives, attitude and behaviour towards other political and social actors, the compliant behaviour in relation with the supervisory authority and management of people and goods, respect for supervisory authority ,compliance with public management rules, harmony with traditional authority amongst others.Facilitators where H E Shey Jone Yembe, Senator Nkwain  and Culture Minister Ama Tutu Muna and Ntumfor Fru Jonathan as Coordinator.

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