Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Meme SDO Suspends Konye Council Revenue Collection

The senior divisional officer for meme koulbout Aman David has suspended the collection of revenue by the Konye council or its partners along the roads under the jurisdiction of the Konye council. The SDO’s suspension order dated 2nd June 2014 was contained in a prefectoral order no: 250 addressed to the Divisional Officer and the mayor of the konye council and also copied the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization in Yaoundé, The Governor of the South West Region, all cocoa dealers in Meme and other alphabet agencies in the region.

In his letter the SDO was short on expatiating reason(s) for the suspension of the collection of revenue by the Konye council or its partners but went on to state that the deliberation on revenue from cocoa shall be implemented in the council office or the local markets and that the suspension order shall be lifted only after a meeting by the Senior Divisional Officer, the mayor of the Konye council and other stake holders. Article 3, the last in the SDO’s suspension order further states that the divisional officer of Konye, the company commander and the brigade commander of Konye shall be charged with the strict implementation of the order. Most of the revenue of the Konye council comes from cocoa and other bush product. In the meantime, with the indefinite suspension order, the Konye council would be hard pressed for cash for development projects and to pay its workers.

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