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What J. N. Foncha told Biya before dying

From every indication, Foncha failed to see when he had eyes to see and only saw when the eyes were bulged out like Gloucester In “King Lear”. Before his dead John Nguh Foncha expressed disappointment with Biya’s government, reason why he could not continue dinning with a fox at the expense of his people. His dissatisfaction is contained in a resignation letter addressed to Paul Biya before his dead. See full text below.

I have the honor to inform Your Excellency that after careful consideration and careful thought, I have decided to address to you my resignation from the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement and my reasons for resigning are as follows:

The CPDM which elected me as its first National Vice President is the party which forms the government of Cameroon and has been responsible for shaping government policies. 

As the national Vice President of the party, I have found it impossible to use my exalted position to helpin any way shape or influence the policies of the party because:Demands by me for audience with the Chairman of the party to discuss issues have been systematically turned down.Several memos and representations I have made in writing on several important national issues have been ignored. During my political career which spans over forty years, I headed the group that campaigned for and got the peoples of the then Southern Cameroons to vote for unification, after which I went from village to village in the then East Cameroon at the risk of my life to calm terrorism which existed at the time. I even housed some Cameroonians wanted in East Cameroon .I successfully had them reconciled with the Ahidjo government. I missed being shot down on my way from Bafang on peacemaking mission.

After unification, a lot of Cameroonians had confidence in me and when the first Presidential elections were coming up, many people urged me to stand against President Ahidjo. I decided to go for the Vice Presidency instead in order to avoid unnecessary conflict and further bloodshed. Peace in Cameroon counted to me more than any post I could have. When President Ahidjo decided to get rid of me as the Vice President, a lot of Cameroonians sympathized with me and urged me to make  it an issue out of it but for the love of peace, I came back quietly to live in my village as a private citizen.

After settling in my village I was occasionally consulted on some national issues and I accepted to serve the people of Cameroon in whatever capacity it pleased the powers that be to put me.When the leadership of Cameroon changed hands and Your Excellency became the President of the Republic and eventually head of the CNU, I assured Your Excellency that I was at your disposal and ready from my experience to give you advice you may need on national issues.

Unfortunately this was not to be as it became clear to me that I had become an irrelevant nuisance that had to be ignored and ridiculed.I was to be used now only as window dressing and not listened to. I am most of the time summoned to meetings by radio without any courtesy of my consultation on the agenda.

All projects of the former West Cameroon I had either initiated or held very dear to my heart had to be taken over, mismanaged and ruined, e.g. Cameroon Bank, West Cameroon Marketing Board, WADA in Wum, West Cameroon Cooperative Movement.Whereas I spent all my life fighting to have a deep sea port in Limbe developed, this project had to be shelved and instead an expensive pipeline is to be build from SONARA in Limbe to Douala in order to pipe the oil to Douala. All the roads in West Cameroon my government had either build, improved or maintained were allowed to deteriorate making Kumba-Mamfe Mamfe-Bamenda, Bamenda-Wum-Nkambe, Bamenda-Momo inaccessible by road.

Projects were shelved even after petrol produced enough money for building them and the Limbe sea port.All progress of employment, appointments, etc. meant to promote adequate regional representation in government and its services have been revised or changed at the expense of those who stood for truth and justice. They are identified as “Foncha-man” and put aside.The Anglophone Cameroonians whom I brought into the Union have been ridiculed and referred to as “les Biafrians”, “les enemies dans la maison”, “les traites”, etc, etc, and the constitutional provisions which protected this Anglophone minority have been suppressed, their voice drowned while the rule of the gun has replaced the dialogue which the Anglophone cherish very much.The national media has been used by the government through people who never voted for unification to misinform the citizens about Bamenda, deliberate lies have been told over the mass media all in an attempt to isolate the Anglophone Cameroonians who voted for unification and subject them to hatred and more discrimination and harassment from other Cameroonians.

Embezzlement of public funds in all forms and illegal exportation of our currency by the privileged class seems to go without reprimand but is rather condoned.The constitution which I have held and preached as the supreme law of the land is in many respects being ignored or manipulated. People are encouraged to support flagrant violation of the constitution by going out on marches against the existence of multi-parties. In order to completely disgrace me and show my irrelevance, troops were deployed in Bamenda in large numbers to harass everyone in Bamenda of Bamenda origin; my self not excluded, and prevent the launching of a new political party. This was done in spite of my protestation and advice in order to completely ridicule me in my own constituency and destroy all I have stood for all my life i.e., democracy, respect for human rights, avoidance of violence and respect of the constitution, in order to allow peace and progress which God had bestowed in Cameroon on a platter of gold. If as the National Vice President of the CPDM, no one is prepared to listen to me in spite of the fact that the CPDM is the party running the government, I find myself completely at loss as to what the CPDM has become.

Mindful of my patriotic love for Cameroon and sacrifices I have personally made to ensure that Cameroon remains united as a nation, while resigning from the CPDM, I wish to assure Your Excellency andother militants of the CPDM that I shall not join any other political party. I shall still be even ready if consulted to give my advice to the government if ever such an advice was asked for. I hope and pray that the CPDM will change attitude towards the demand for multi-parties otherwise it might soon find itself an irrelevant anachronism. The people who are sincere should encourage the CPDM in this direction because without criticism and competition the CPDM will never improve and cultivate genuine support from its citizenry. Let the CPDM not move towards the direction where it will find itself collapsing faster than man of the “strong” governments that have collapsed in recent memory. My resignation is effective from today the 9th June, 1990.

Thank you.
I have the Honor to be
Yours Respectfully,
Dr. J.N. Foncha
Yaounde,  9th June 1990.

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