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Who killed Lapiro De Mbanga and Charles Ateba Ayene?

Cameroon is increasingly becoming very unsafe for critics of Biya’s regime given the ceaseless crackdown on his adversaries. Evidence is the hue raised by pundits about the sudden dead of Charles Ateba Ayene and the Cameroon artist La Piro De Mbanga. Till date the real cause of the dead Charles Ateba Ayene is not known. For Lambo Sandjo Pierre Roger alias Lapiro de Mbanga who died on 16 march 2014 in New York, he is said to have had cancer. 

La Piro’s life became at stake when he released his last Album titled “Demissioner” meaning resign” a direct attack on Biya. It should be recalled that Lapiro has been anti Biya since 1987, reasons why the state faked his involvement February 25 -28-2008 nationwide fuel strikes. He was then unjustly slammed three years imprisonment for involvement in the nation wide strike .

The 2008 fuel riot saw another worst form of human Right abuse in Cameroon as hundreds of youths were blocked and rough handled at the Bonaberi Bridge uniform men. Hundreds of them got drown in River Wouri while trying to escape from the barbarism of the forces of law and order. Young Cameroonians targeted by government for arrest and punishment have vamoosed to other countries to avoid the malice of the system.

For Lapiro, he was charged for inciting youths of Mbanga to join the fuel riot. This was however a cook up to crush him for anti regime tendency when he launched another direct missiles on Biya in his new album shortly after his release from  prison he became a wanted man .

To avoid the heavy hand of the system, he escaped to USA where he finally gave up the ghost. His 1987/88 album “Member We” is still fresh in the memories of Cameroonian as it did not only forecast the economic crisis but social and economic doom of the nation under  current regime.

Enters Charles Ateba Ayene

Charles Ateba Ayene another critic of the system died on the 21 of February 2014. Although a member of the Central Bureau of the CPDM party, Charles Ateba Ayene was too hard on the system and condemned the woes of the system  without reservation. He revealed some of the deadly activities of some of the top brass of  Biya’s Ministers . It is on this premise that his dead is allegedly not un connected to his critical views and attack on Biya’s government. Pundits have opined.

Longue Longue, Artist

Another star whose life is at stake is the singer Longue Longue whose album “Ayo Africa and another and attack on the bad governance of Biya’s government places him at crossroad with the regime and the colonial masters. His lyrics launched attack on the colonial masters for exploiting African colonies while equally criticizing Biya’s government for mismanagement of state resoiurces. He has been slammed 12 years sentence in France for reaping a teenage.

His plight is not different from that of La Piro De Mbanga. Pundits have argued. Apart from the fact that it is ploy to frustrate his critical musical career . He risk being another casualty. He has requested for transfer to Cameroon prison given the accord between the French Government on issues on imprison of foreign nationals. Unfortunately, his request   granted . He has  complain severally  that his life is at stake in France.

It should be noted that apart from Musicians, politicians, Journalists and Anglophones championing the course of Anglophone independent  are constantly being harassed  by the system.

Before the announcement of celebrations marking 50th years  of the unification with La Republic in Buea, there has been massive arrest and detention of Anglophones due to widespread criticism by members of the separatist Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC, which is fighting for the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons.

The arrest of activists has reached alarming proportion given the eyebrows raised by Anglophones following the emptiness of the just ended celebrations’ marking the obnoxious unification of the French and English Cameroons. Many of the activists are languishing in jail . 

The Vanguard gathered from reliable sources the system has given firm instructions to security forces to crack down on members of the movement both at home and abroad. The regime, our source went on is reacting to declarations made to the press by the SCNC National Vice Chairman, Nfor Ngalla Nfor  whose reaction to the lapses of the 50th anniversary and volatile administration of Biya subject is annihilation and the breakaway of the Anglophones.

Nfor Nfor had earlier own declared that  the celebration of unification was a tacitly recognized Southern Cameroons as a separate entity from La Republique du Cameroun .He argued that Southern Cameroons 50th anniversary was celebrated on October 1 in Buea and in grand style though government arrested and detained over 200 of its activists. The statement since then rekindled the determination of the government to crack down on activists of the SCNC, whom the state describes as  a threat to the security of the nation .Our  source further revealed.

It should be noted that Cameroon was partitioned into two and under the British and French Colonial administration after the First World War, following the defeat of the Germans. In 1961, following a United Nations organized plebiscite, Southern Cameroons reunited with the then independent Republic of Cameroun as against joining the then Federal Republic of Nigeria. This was under duress as the United Nations rejected the third option requested by the Southern Cameroon. They wanted to remain as a trusty territory until they were ripe for independence but the UN objected forcing them into an unholy and problematic marriage.

A few years into the union, Cameroonians of the English-speaking state, (now North West and South West Regions) who were forced to accept the reunion deal on basis of a two state federation, raised concerns over what they called annexation and colonization following the transformation of the country into a unitary state in 1972.

Since the abolition of the federal state, English-speaking Cameroonians are marginalized in all facets of life. The appointment of Ministers   confirmed this accusation. In a cabinet of 37 Ministers with portfolios, only two are from the English-speaking part of the country, heading two inferior ministries, ie Culture and forestry. That notwithstanding, the two English speaking regions – northwest and Southwest do not have good roads.

Against this backdrop, the SCNC and its supporters strongly believe that secession is the only way out towards the libration of English-speaking Cameroonians (Anglophones). But the liberation struggle most often meets with a lot of repression and resistance from the government of Cameroon. Though the SCNC has reiterated that there is no legal union between the La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons recognized by the United Nations,but the latter has insisted that the country is one and indivisible.
Manifestations against the woes of the Biya’s government like that 25 to 28 February 2008 most often  lead to several deaths  orchestrated by the dogs of war of the system. Many arrested are still detained in prison camps without trial.

The Government is also said to have intensified the search for radical SCNC
activists said to have recently cautioned the Western Front of the movement to reinforce diplomatic effort to ease the separation.

In the meantime, The Vanguard gathered that following the publication of the recent statement, unidentified security agents have been raiding the families’ residence of some activists residing abroad back home. Amongst those said have escaped the country for fear of arrest and torture whose families and  homes are permanently raided in search of evidence include; Atabong Ernest , Wanto James .Niba Johnson ,  Ambassador Fussong, the Youths leader Akwanga, Polnareff  Ameli , Ndede Alphones  amongst others.  A source hinted vanguard that Polnareff is allegedly targeted for spear heading the 2088 February 25 -28 strike in Bamenda.

Meanwhile Ebong and Fussong  a  high profile civil servants who fled Cameroon reportedly because of repeated threats on their lives as other activists were being prosecuted.

Our source said the Government fears that the UN may step and declare the independent Southern Cameroon state

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