Thursday, July 31, 2014

Biya scheme to extend mandate beyond 2018

Rated first amongst a list 50 current longest non royal national leaders and one of world longest serving dictator by WIKIPEDIA and conservapadia. In spite the declining economy, Paul Biya and his CPDM myopic militants are again scheming to extend his stay at the helm of the Republic of Cameroon beyond 2018.

Political elite of the CPDM from all the 10 regions of Cameroon for about a month now have been publishing motions of support in the government owned Cameroon Tribune in a well organized and coordinated way to reassure the head of state of their loyalty and to prepare him to run again in the 2018 presidential elections.

Readers of the newspaper are now very conscious of a column baptised “Support to the head of state” which is a page on which motions of support addressed to the head of state are planted .This page has come to fill another one that went with the 2011 presidential elections, complementing another well planned one known as “the peoples call”. In the yesteryears it was said these pages were a compendium of motions of support from militants and living forces of the nation for Paul Biya to run in the 2011 presidential election. These political machinations were baptized “the peoples call”. SOPECAM published two volumes of these calls .The scheme shape political configuration of the country. 

The strategy thought out by the political intellectuals of the party worked out so well. This is because both local and international opinion as well as development partners succumbed to the believed that Paul Biya is very popular, though it may not be necessarily true given that he has been in power for 32 years. No constitutional amendment in 2008 that provoked outrage especially on the issue of mandate of the head of state which is now limitless is still fresh in the memories of Cameroonians.

The regime barons used this to hold on to power arguing that the limit on mandates was anti-democratic. Not even the February 2008 uprising could stop this egoistic manouevre .On the contrary, there were “the peoples call “ for him to stand again.

Four years to 2018 “the peoples call” has now taken the form of “support to the head of state”. At the beginning, it is motion of supports from grassroots militants in their respective localities .But as the present 7 year mandate progresses, the intellectual -conceivers of the idea have  started  giving it a political connotation. How can we explain the fact that out of a sudden the head of state regularizes the situation of traditional rulers after many years of oblivion? They quickly addressed a motion of support to the head of state.

But in recent weeks things have taken a different dimension .It is the “political elite “ of all the ten regions of the country who are sending motions of support to the head of state  and which are immediately published on the page “support to the head of state “in Cameroon Tribune. All the messages have the same intellectual content. We are four years to the next presidential elections and these motions of support are coming up. It was also at about this time, four years to the 2011 elections that this same political maneuvers in the name of the peoples call started. Now there is no longer any limitation to the mandates of the head of state. So, the “living forces” of the ten regions have once again started four years ahead of time preparing Paul Biya to succeed himself in the 2018 elections at the ripe old age of 85.

It should be noted that President Paul BIYA was born on 13 February 1933 at Mvomeka’a, Sangmelima

Subdivision, Dja-et-Lobo Division of South Region.

He started work as a civil servant with former president Amadou Ahidjo in October 1962 as Charger de Mission at the Presidency of the Presidency in January 1964 and appointed  Director of Cabinet of the Minister of National Education, Youth and Culture in July 1965.He became Secretary-General of the Ministry of National Education, Youth and culture.

In December 1967 he was appointed Director of the Civil Cabinet at the President of the Republic and in august 1968, he was catapolted Minister Secretary-General at the Presidency of the Republic.In June 1970 he became Minister Secretary- General of the Presidency of the Repoublic. In July 1972, he was reappointed Minster of State Secretary-General at the Presidency of the Republic. June 1979 and July 1980, he rosed to the position of Prime Minister of the United Republic of Cameroon in accordance with the new provision of the Constitution which made him constitutionnal successor of the President being permanently prevented from attending to his duties, duly ascertained by the Suprem Court.

On the 06 of November 1982 he became the President of the United Reoublic of Cameroon following the   reignation Ahmadou Ahidjo on 04 November 1982 allegedly decieved by France, the spin doctors of Cameroon politics.

Statistically, “Biya is 81 years today according to paper age and has served as president for 32 years running.According phychologist, Biya by nature must  have chronoogical mental  rot. This is a natural phenominon with human. Once above 60 years  Chronological mental decay set in . Symthoms of such deffect is forgetfulness .This means he  no longer  sharp in  reasoning as his brians are weak and tired.

Interestingly, Biya is still mutering courage to stand eletion in 2018 as president.By that  time, he will be 85 years, and if he extends beyond 2018,  he will be 92 years by the time he exhaust that mandate . May be he will stay for twenty years as he did promised those who wish him dead.”A reliable source fhas hinted Vanguard.

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