Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cabinet Reshuffle - Biya’s Cronies Still To Hold All Strategic Positions

See List Of Untouchables. It is almost one year now since the last elections were held and Cameroonians have been waiting impatiently for a new government that will reflect the outcome of the elections. This has even been made more true when we consider the fact that the ruling CPDM party is making final touches to go down to the field to reorganize the basic organs of the party. Though in 2007,many winners in the reorganization finally found their way into strategic positions,it has been continuously proven that there is a group of individuals who came with Paul Biya and will only leave when he also leaves.

Some of these include:
Martin Belinga Eboutou;The man who is now director of civil cabinet at the presidency has served as special adviser to the President of the Republic.He knew Biya as a friend since secondary school days in Nden ,Akono.He was chief of presidential protocol from 1989 to 1997 when he left for the UN as Cameroon ambassador and came back again some years back as director of cabinet.

Marcel Niat Njifenji managed SONEL for over 25 years and despite staying out for a few years has bounced back as President of the Senate.

Ahmadou Ali started his career in 1971 as an assistant SDO and served in the Ministry of Public service before joining Biya shortly after the 1984 coup. He has been delegate general of Tourism,Secretary general of the Presidency,Defence minister ,justice minister and now in charge of relations with the assembly with the rank of a vice prime minister Bello Bouba Maigari was Biya’s first prime minister in 1982.Despite going on exile after the 1984 coup he returned in the 1990s to snatch the UNDP from Samule Eboua and then join Biya;s government as a life partner.

Laurent Esso ; Has evolved in more than five ministry notably Defence,Public Health, External Relations,Justice twice and is a key regim baron. Others include Issa Tchiroma Bakary the Communication Minister who was detained in 1984 in connection with the coup and released in 1990 has also been a member of Parliament, Jacques Fame Ndongo a professor of journalism and chief spin Doctor of the CPDM regime who has been on government since 2000, Jean Pierre Biyiti Bi Essam ,Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo who has been on and off government passing through the Prime Minister’s office through the Ministry of Communication and then bouncing back in External Relations, Edgar Alain Mebengo’o former Director of Civil cabinet at the Presidency,Police Chief and now Minister of Defence,Hamadou Moustapha of the ANDP and presidential majority, Loius Paul Motaze secretary general at the prime minister’s office and former minister of the Economy,Michel Meva’a Meboutou,Secretary General of the senate and former finance minister, Jean Baptiste Bokam wh o first entered government in 1988 and bounced back years later as gendarmerie boss, Yaou Aissatou ,president of CPDM women who served as women and social affairs minister for 16 uninterrupted years and now board chair of SNI,Foumane Akame ,a close legal aide to Biya who is hardly seen in public, Gregoire Owona,the deputy scribe of the CPDM ,long time serving assistant secretary general at the presidency and then minister in charge of the assembly and now labour minister, Adolf Moudiki the boss of the hydrocarbons corporation as well as Talba Malla Ibrahim ,former CSPH director now running the lone country’s oil refinery ,SONARA. These regime cohorts will only leave for good when Biya finally leaves. They may take a short break from time to time but be sure that as Biya remains in control, they will always bounce back when least expected to do so.

By Nyassah Julius

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