Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cameroon consumes 620 million hectoliters of Beer in 2013.

Rated Highest in number of Drunkards - Research has proven that in no distant future Cameroon will win the disgraceful crown of the country with the highest number of drunkards in the world  following a research study indicating  that Cameroonians all over the national territory consumed 620 million hectoliters of  beer in 2013.This represents beer produced by all the breweries on Cameroonian soil and excluding wine, spirits and whiskies. This represents a net increase of 20 million hectoliters in one year alone.

According to the statistics, in 2013,Les Brasseries Du Cameroon sold 502.746.300 hectolitres ,Guinness 76 million hectoliters and the rest of the breweries sold the rest. Concordantly .1,918 million crates of beer were sold within the same period. When added with the other spirited drinks wine and imported alcoholic beverages, the figures are alarming and worrisome, leaving Cameroon a country with the highest number of drunkards on the continent and threatening to take the number one position on planet earth. Though the Cameroon law prohibits the sale of alcohol to school going children ,this category of persons has been identified to be amongst the highest consumers while tongues are wagging as to why despite continuous increase in beer prices, consumption only continues to rise .This increased consumption also has a strong correlation with delinquency, banditry and crime wave.

In 2012, Cameroon occupied the second position in beer consumption, behind Poland. This situation has been quickly compared to the recent increase in the price of fuel which has met with much opposition. Paradoxically, when beer prices are increased people do not protest and yet do not limit or even stop consumption. Rather, consumption increases as recent statistics have revealed. With this figures pundits are of the opinion that Cameroon will emerge first as a country with the highest number of drunkards and beer bottles far before 2035. Meantime other schools have blamed the situation on frustration and alarming rate of unemployment. To eschew psychological trauma given the alarming rate of poverty and frustration, most people find solace in alcohol.

By Nyassah Julius

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