Thursday, July 31, 2014

Donga Mantung CPDM Politicians accused for selling ID cards to foreigners

In a bid to address issues that now pose security threats in Donga Mantung Division, the unorthodox possession of Cameroon identity cards by foreigners facilitated by some CPDM barons for selfish reasons is said to be giving headache to the administration. A security meeting held to pre-empt Boko Haram and their possible infiltration into border towns like Donga Mantung saw issuance of Cameroon ID cards to foreigners in 2013 to swell CPDM votes as gruesome mistake that posses security threats.

Reacting to this concern, the Station Manager of Savannah Frontier Radio (one of the leading informative and educative radio stations of the division) – Jitzi George Tando, pointed accusing finger at overzealous CPDM politicians of the division. He opined that those politicians in their mad rush for militants and quest for victory at all cost in 30 September 2013 twin elections, resorted to facilitating the issuance of Cameroonian ID cards to Nigerians who readily welcomed the idea-for long term benefits.

The reaction by Jitzi  George only buttressed what he earlier cried foul of, more than a year ago over CRTV national station where he castigated some young politicians of Donga Mantung who kept agents at border towns like Ako, Nwa, Ndu, Misaje, Nkambe, Abonshie, Lus, Sabongida and Mayo Binka to ‘’harvest’’ as many Nigerians as possible. The Nigerians were reportedly transported to the respective offices where they were established fake certificate of nationality, then National ID cards instantly.

The declaration on the national media almost landed him in trouble with some top Donga Mantung division elite resident in Yaounde. Vanguard gathered. He continued that some of those politicians who were in attendance fumed in anger. George said the meeting has served as vindication to him because some prominent personalities of the division had since considered him as a small devil and enemy who washes the dirty linins of the division in the public. He revealed that he has so far received punching questions directly or through telephone calls by some big wigs questioning who he is to talk about Donga Mantung Division. “What is your problem with that, can you prove it?”.

The SDO after admitting the rampant possession of Cameroonian ID cards by some Nigerians told the audience of the ongoing measures being put in place to track down these individuals. He also admitted that this network would not have been possible without the collaboration and complicity of some identification officers, Fons and Ardos. The population was exhorted to be vigilant and to give maximum assistance to the security immediately they suspect such cases.

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