Thursday, July 31, 2014

GCE Board to overhaul GCE Markers from Next Year

The Registrar of the GCE Board ,Humphrey Ekema Monono has disclosed that as from next year the process of renewing GCE Markers will be intensified .The Registrar made the statement in Bamenda while visiting all the six GCE marking centres in the north west region recently.

He said the renewal exercise from next year will take into consideration many criteria such as, retirement, grades and other information gathered. He said some teachers bring wrong indices to get out of station allowances while some of them change their addresses from private to public school teachers. Yet other home based markers give flimsy excuses to stay away. The Registrar however noted that marking is not limited to public school teachers. Each school, he added should have at least two teachers in the marking and further pointed out that some technical education subjects do not have examiners in the public and private schools and as such the Board recruits in from enterprises.

The Registrar said the renewal of the marking exercise is engraved in the statutes of the board. Renewing the marking panel by 5 % every year is very important. He said while regretting that some panels unfortunately have become monarchies difficult to go in and to come out. That is why there has been renewal because of increase scripts .In 2006 there were 3900 examiners, and 6500 in 2014 to be able to handle the increasing number of candidates.

The Registrar was in the North West to oversee marking in six centres to ensure that it ends up objectively. On marking dues ,he said the markers must first make sure they qualify and there will always be calm when the Board listens to teachers needs and their advice is usually given attention  over the years, reason s why the environment is peaceful and serene with teachers  sharing knowledge with ease.

He encouraged teachers to continue to be assiduous  and draw their attention to the expectations of the public. Monono said teachers should do their job well.
On teachers who are not classroom teachers taking part in the marking, he said it is not a worry so long as they are of that discipline and  academically honest, saying the panel is there to advise whether they measure up without which they are advised to withdraw.
He lamented that end of examination reports that go round the field are not being exploited by teachers because the same problems decried for them to change their methods and use new techniques keep resurfacing.

During the written phase where candidates were caught sleeping because they attended classes till about 5 am in the morning. He that gives the impression that questions have leaked. While advising parents to guide against such classes the Registrar   condemned the idea and warned  that any school caught in such practices will have to face the brunt of the GCE Board.

The problem Monono regretted ,is the psychological trauma candidates go through by attending toll gate classes. On the release of the resultson internate and mobile services, he said “modern technology is there and we should exploit it anywhere in the country or out of the country. The result  is not limited to those who have passed. The number of candidates  has increased more than three times and reading names of candidates who have passed would take  more than three days .this is unacceptable”. No door has been closed to any media.He said “we are in a global village  with technological advancement.”

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