Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gov’t Launches Fresh crackdown on SCNC as Militants Plan grand conclave

The southern Cameroon National Council (SCNC), which is fighting for the restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons, recently held an extra-ordinary session in Bamenda, dedicated to the State Burial of the former National Chairman, Chief AYAMBA ETTE OTUN the former National Chairman of the SCNC. According to the meeting held under the auspices of Dr Nfor Ngalla Nfor,  Chief Ayamba Ette the king pink of the SCNC should be canonize in appreciation for   his dedication and commitment to the restoration of the Statehood of British Southern Cameroons. Chief  Ayamba was appreciated for his exemplary sacrifices to bequeath a rich legacy and give  southern Cameroonians the human dignity they deserve as ordained by the Creator and  his determined to remain faithful to the struggle for restoration of sovereignty of British Southern Cameroons till the colonial occupier is chased out.

Given this ingenuity of his, the National Council during a meeting held in Bamenda on June 13 resolved to give him “Chief Ayamba Ette  Otun” a state burial in Mamfe on the 26 of July, the cradle of British Southern Cameroons nationalism. It was also resolved during the meeting that a week of National Mourning from Monday July 21 - 27, 2014 be declared throughout the national territory of British Southern Cameroons and for all SCNC in Diaspora Chapters and patriots.

Member agreed that the flag of British Southern Cameroons Flag should fly at half-mast both at home and abroad

And given that Chief Ayamba, Ette Otun as the National Chairman who led representatives of the SCNC to Banjul in the case against annexationist la Republique, members condemned those who behind their backs held talks with Vice Prime Minister Ahmadou Ali and were ferried several times to Banjul to withdraw the case against la Republique du Cameroun for annexing and colonially occupying the Southern Cameroon land and “making us slaves,” Nfor Nfor said.

Believing that this treacherous crack has strengthened the enemy's policy of divide and rule and giving the regime the audacity to, with impunity ignore the Constructive Dialogue as approved by the AU Summit in Libya since July 2009, member resolved to hold a truth and National reconciliation talk – commission to reinforce activities of the movement in the months ahead.

On issues of insecurity in British Southern Cameroon the National Council condemned the increase in cost of petrol which has influenced hikes in prices of basic commodities and the growing insecurity in the country. They argued that the 5% salary increase for civil servants is meaningless, expressing disgust that such astronomical increase in prices of basic commodities only subjects the growing army of the unemployed, the under employed and farmers to greater misery, rise in crime wave and unrest. 

Apart from that, the National Council also express worries about the recent murder of a teenager by name Julius Chai, a bread hawker, on Wednesday July 2, 2014, at the Foncha Street Junction on his way to buy bread for sell. And given that the said soldier has not yet been arrested for necessary interrogation and charges, members warned it is a provocation of war.

“Recalling that  we have been victims of states of emergency, curfews and economic blockade, periods within which la Republique du Cameroun occupation forces without restraint sent unfortunate British Southern Cameroonians to their early graves “the National Council called on President Paul Biya to put an end to the arrest and killings of unarmed and defenseless British Southern Cameroonians, challenging him to arrest the murderer of Chai Julius who is said to have escaped and prosecute him for extra judicial execution of innocent Julius Chai. He warned   that any failure to arrest and prosecute murderer tantamounts  to vandalism on Anglophones and perpetual colonial occupation and subjugation.

Considering the growing insecurity in the country and the recent brutal murder of Julius Chai aimed at inciting the population, the National Council frowned and strongly condemned the provocative establishment of a Gendarmerie Brigade in the Ntambessi Quarter, few meters away from the SCNC National Chairman's ( Dr Nfor Nfor) residence. This he said will not in the least way force the SCNC and British Southern Cameroonians in general to surrender to annexation and colonial occupation.

The National Council in the supreme interest of fighting for a common destiny calls on all British Southern Cameroonians to avoid giving the “occupier of our land the open door to intensify the policy of divide and rule, greater repression and exploitation”.

Shortly after the meeting, security signals went wild .A security source hinted Vanguard that government will intensify crackdown on members of the SCNC. It should be recalled that the Human Right abuse and arbitrary arrest, killings and detention of Southern Cameroonians’ have sent many activists like Ebenzer Akwanga, Fabian Elonge, Emmanuel Shey, Njegani Wilfred , Polnareff Ameli, Eyong Benard,Eneneza Akwanga,Micheal Takie ,Awe James etc into hiding . The homes of some of SCNC activists have severally been scanned to get more evidence about movement and their where about.

Given the increasing insecurity and plans by SCNC to hold talks and close ranks to re-enforce the fight against La Republique, homes of SCNC activists and Cameroonians who allegedly participate in the attack of a Civil Administrator’s office in Bui Division, February 35 to 28 2008 fuel strike in Bamenda, Douala and Buea and those who have been attending SCNC meetings and participating in activities of the movement have again been tipped for scrutiny and maybe fresh arrest of suspected separatist.. It should be recalled that repeated harassment and search of private homes of activist over the years has caused some families to relocate for fear of arbitrary arrest and illegal detention by the Republican forces. The barbarism of the La Republic forces warrants urgent international intervention to stop the Human Right abuse on Southern Cameroonians who have the legitimate right to their independence following the gross mismatch of the unification with La Republic du Cameroon. Pundits have condemned.

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