Monday, July 7, 2014

Marafa’s Wife Spits Fire on Cameroon judiciary From France

Ever since the arrest of her husband on 16 April 2012,Madam Jeannette Njanga Epse Marafa has up till now kept silent After joining a group known as the Committee for the release of political prisoners in Cameroon, a movement created in Paris France on 3 May this year, it would appear she has taken a resolution not to keep quiet any further.

In a recent interview with Africa No 1 ,Madam Jeannette Njanga  said when the trial judge in the Marafa matter handed down his judgment ,he stated it clearly there was no prove that Marafa participated in the embezzlement of public funds. Since Marafa knew Yves Michel Fotso since 1991,it was simply concluded that he was also guilty .She insisted that the jailing of her husband is highly questionable because the entire process for the purchase of the controversial presidential plane from the purchase order ,the delivery of the plane ,the problems that arose from the first plane and the final handing over of the plane to the presidency of the Republic were  and all what happened thereafter were adequately compensated for, thanks to the mediation of Barrister Akere Muna.

While admitting that Cameroon has very qualified judges, Marafa’s wife regretted that they did not handle her husband’s case properly, adding that it was not just a simple case of justice but an entire political maneuvered. She sited the case of the former board chairman of the Douala Ports Authority, Edouard Etonde Ekotto  who after seven years in detention was found not to be guilty for what he had been jailed. She said the psychological and mental torture for his family members is enormous and that such damage cannot be repaired.

Recounting the arrest of Marafa ,Madam Jeannette Njanga said it was on 14 April 2012 when Marafa was served two convocations; one from the judicial police and another from another police station to appear at the same time on 16 April. She said they had programmed to go on holiday to France on that same 16 April and had actually applied and obtained permission from the presidency of the Republic through the Secretary General at the Presidency .This was done in writing .Given that she has been a patient for long and with young children, and also that Easter was approaching, she had to go to France. So she left for France a day before her husband was arrested.

Since then, she lamented, she has never seen her husband again nor spoken to him given that he does not have access to a telephone. She revealed that she is currently living in France with all her children who have gone through a lot of psychological torture .Madam Jeannette Njanga disclosed that she has missed several assassination attempts which included the deflation of her car tyres and attack on her vehicle. This she said caused her to involve the French security services who have put the situation under control. Marafa’s wife also disclosed that all forms of collaboration between his lawyer in France ,Jean Pierre Minard who is also Francois Hollande’s lawyer as well as those back in Cameroon have been forbidden, making it difficult for them to get through to Marafa Hamidou Yaya.

Madam Jeannette Njanga also said the arrest of Louis Bapes Bapes was a joke in bad taste because Biya does not arrest sitting ministers and conclude that the Cameroon government is now manned by incompetent cohorts of president Biya.

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