Wednesday, February 11, 2015

ELECAM hoodwinks London NGO on Disenfranchised Cameroonians

ELECAM put in place by the presidency of Cameroon has reportedly won a prize from a London NGO for ensuring that many a disabled Cameroonian votes at elections yet, on simple analysis, such participation amounts to zero considering that polls are regularly rigged to the ruling party’s favour.

State media, CRTV, made this ELECAM reward known 30 January 2015. Since the reintroduction of multiparty politics in Cameroon in the 1990s till date, it is common knowledge that polls are rigged to President Paul Biya’s party, CPDM favour - it cannot be otherwise, of course, when Biya and his party act referee and player to the chagrin of the opposition political parties of the same game. Hence figures of aided cripples, irrespective of their integrity, ELECAM brandish to this international NGO amounts to no progress, except illumination of ELECAM/regime ego, for all votes are tailored for ruling party victory. Also a rigged vote is as worthless as a disenfranchised citizen!

Biya on Presidential stool for over 30years is perfect in tricks-playing instead of developing the country - Hence Cameroon’s customary bleeding economy solaced by HIPC(Heavily indebted poor country) funds and probably ever present varied but hardly realizable promises of future good times. In Cameroon president Biya (executive) usurps the functions of the legislature and the judiciary hence reason why he rigs elections in his favour, gets involved in money laundry… with impunity. Cameroonians particularly the grass roots which include the disabled are underpowered, poor, suffering with many targeting as a consequence emigrating to the Diaspora for job opportunities not minding the dire routes that are often plied. This country is more than ripe for a national revolt. Thus any goodwill person(s) or organization(s) dealing with the CPDM regime must exercise caution, so as not to be messed up!

Opposition political parties that count in size and strength of this country have summarily condemned/rejected ELECAM. She thus now is in frantic attempts to gain relevance from gullible organization(s)/people without and within!

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