Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Finance Minister Alamine Mey In 1,738 Billion Scam: Ngolle Ngolle Implicated?

The Minister of Finance,Alamine Ousmane Mey has been implicated in an embezzlement scandal of 1,738 billion, when he was the General Manager of Afriland First Bank .The money is said to have  been  funds allocated for projects  meant for  reinforcement of initiatives of local communities for the community management of forest resources.In 2005 the state opened an account with Afriland First Bank where the sum of 3 billion francs was deposited. According to Esingan Newspaper which first published the story, this was the outcome of a tripartite convention between the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, the Ministry of Finance and the Camdev Company for the management of the said project.

In 2010 while Alamine Ousmane Mey was still General Manager of Afriland First Bank he debited  an  account to the tune of 1,738 billion frs to his benefit .It was therefore the responsibility of the bank to honour its engagements in a transaction with one Kaptue Tagne ,an official of the Camdev company and co-manager of the project.For this reason, the officials of the bank fraudulently carted away about 1.700 billion within a period of three years and the amount had generated 38 million frs interest. Thus it has also been revealed that fake signatures were used. Notably that of the then minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Elvis Ngolle Ngolle. There is however no prove that the signature of Alamine Mey was also fake because it was affixed to all documents. Thus the General Manager of Afriland Bank and other top officials of the bank notably Ngon Herve Stephani,Dadjeu Kegne Olivier,Foti Dzudie Gilles pocketed this money Fokam Pauline director of  succursale as well as deputy general manager Handou Louis, Galeu are also said to have benefited.Only  Kaptue Tagne General Manager of  Camdev Sarl has ended up in the Kondengui prison in Yaoundé.

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