Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Yaounde and Bamenda Government Delegate under investigation for mismanagement

A highly placed security source has hinted vanguard that the Government delegates to Bamenda City Council Vincent Ndumu is in the black list of the supreme state control for alleged mismanagement and award contracts within family cycles. A sensitive report about this issue includes Edge Road Construction Company and another one putting up market sheds all over the town.

Another scandal our source hinted concerns the illegal use of the city council caterpillars. Ndumu is said to have  illegally arrogated y two  of the caterpillars for use in  his road construction company. “It is not clear whether the equipment are on rent or not. The said equipment are said to have been negotiated by his predecessor Tazong Abel Ndeh  for the city council.  Vanguard further gathered that no account has been open in the council for funds generated  by the caterpillars meaning it is illegal business.

Still within this sphere, the Government Delegate to the Yaoundé City Council ,Gilbert Tsimi Evouna was recently  interrogated by the investigators of the Special Criminal Court for embezzlement  public funds and award of fake public contracts.

The interrogation carried out by Jack Bauer came almost at the same time with that of  Paul Atanga Nji and Amougou Belinga  who were highly awaited to add to the long list of other regime barons who have also been grilled. Gervais Mendo Ze,  former general manager of  CRTV and maternal uncle of Paul Biya has also made waves .Thus nothing else can stop  the operation sparrow hawk from arresting more.

In this new case concerning the government delegate to the Yaounde City Council ,there are many cases of embezzlement being investigated by the special criminal court. Sources are also mentioning the involvement of the MP for Nyong and So’o ,Mbarga Assembe ,as one of the persons having executed several fake contracts of the Yaounde City council .Several arrests have been announced at the end of this year especially as a new government is highly awaited. Expectations are high as many look forward to a new era in the management of public funds.

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