Thursday, April 27, 2017

Anglophone Crisis:New Boko Haram?

A few days ago, the former Minister of Education David Abouem A Tchoyi in a long essay published in Mutation and relayed online of an armed uprising by Anglophones if the Anglophone problem is not resolved or taken seriously .This problem is fundamental exacerbated by over-centralization of the functioning of the state ,the non respect of quotas for regional development ,,the non respect of the Anglo-Saxon culture in traditional institutions like the judiciary ,administration Inherited from the colinal administrators, non respect of bilingualism in the public sector, even though the constitution recognizes English and French as two officials Languages .He warns that Boko Haram has its support from outside, so we should not wait for the Anglophone compatriots to start having external support before we rise up to the challenge. The former Minister was also recently appointed into the National Bilingualism and Multiculturalism Commission See list of 35 Ministers with only one Anglphone.

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