Thursday, April 27, 2017

Anglophone Problem: Children should not be used as political Guinea pigs: Sir Monono Ekema Humphrey

The registrar Cameroon GCE board sir Monono Ekama Humphrey has deplored the notion of using children of school age as political guinea pigs or tools for egocentric aims. Monono spook to Vanguard in an exclusive interview on Thursday 23 in Buea.

Lamenting the fact that schools have been held hostage for over twelve weeks by Teachers and Lawyers due to some professional incongruity, Monono lamented that there is an evil hand in the issue, reasons why in spite suspension of the strike by union leaders schools have not effectively resumed.   Disdained by the holdup the Registrar warned that “we should not toy with the future of our children as we shall be judged by our children for using as political toys or tolls for our political ego… the world is theirs and they will have their own problems to solve when the time comes”. Philosophically, problems are infinite as the more you solve them, the more they come. In this light we should not be deceived into believing that we can solve all the problems face in life.

According to the registrar, children should be allowed to go back to school to avoid the type of Problem South Africa had after the apartheid.  South Africa is said to had a deficit is human resource base shortly after the apartheid as during the long years of civil unrest children were not allowed to go school. When the blacks’ race emerged victorious, they were unskilled and the country had tended to Zimbabwe and other countries for skilled labour. These inversely breed xenophobia which led to lost of lives and destruction of problems.

He was optimistic that in spite all odds the board in collaboration with the Ministry will make all necessary adjustment to ensure a hitch free organization, coordination and evaluation of the GCE examination for 2017-2018 academic year.

On completion of syllabuses, setting of examination questions and marking of the scripts, Monono said GCE syllabuses begins from form three. In this regard, form four five and lower sixth lessons are more of revision of what was done on junior class. On setting of questions, the Registrar said the GCE board is not other boards that set their examination questions on the eve of the examination. Harping on the evaluation by Teachers, he was optimistic that the teachers shall be on hand to correct the scripts. He however lamented that some centers had not registered at all. Apart from the fact that some parents had vehemently refused to register their children suspension of the internet was one of the major problems of the GCE registration exercise as online registration has been perturbed by absence of internet.

In spite much talk by some pundits that UNESCO had long declared a blank year Cameroon, Monono who still beliefs that all is not lost craved their teachers to continue to play their role of nation builders. He opined that teachers are next to God giving their mature role society.

A parents Ayoh Agbo Vanguard accosted to sort his opinion on the academic holdup had this to say “ I am not encouraged to send my children to school because their future is not guaranteed with the current state of things in this country.  Two of my children who graduated from the university till date are still a liability to me because they do not have work. You need much money to buy the Entrance Examination to ENS or other professional school. Those of us who do not have people in the government are only suffering in this country. Apart from that, officials of some of Universities and Ministers of Education in this country are very corrupt and do not allow for meritocracy in public examinations. Some students who do not even sit for some examinations are the first on the list of successful candidates.

He however concluded it good to educate children if there are no jobs but warned that authorities that be, should look into the problems raised by the teachers and lawyers amicably without use of force as “ no matter how great a  man is, he cannot win judgment against his people.” He said.

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