Thursday, April 27, 2017

Limbe ‘FESTAC’ Showcases Cameroon’s Unity in Diversity

The fourth edition of the Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture has come and gone with a huge display of Cameroon’s cultural diversity. The event which took place from 4th to April was officially opened by the Minister of Arts and Culture, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi.
In his traditional opening statement, the vision bearer of Limbe-FESTAC applauded the efforts of the Limbe population for their immense participation in the previous editions of the festival, and how welcoming they have been in bringing Arts and Culture to life. The Chairman disclosed that this year, the Councilors of the City Council approved the sum of FCFA 125 Million while more support is expected from other sponsors. He also “doffed his hat” to the entire population of Limbe for their sense of responsibility, maturity and discernment which had immensely contributed in lifting up the Limbe Municipality, making it unique amongst many other cities.

The city council boss equally saluted the efforts of Senior Councilors for approving the organisation of the 4th edition of the Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC). The Government Delegate emphasized on the fact that the City Council is a non-profit institution which equally applies to Limbe FESTAC. He equally thanked some organizations like the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) and the prestigious Cameroon oil refinery commonly known in its French acronym as ‘SONARA’ for their unwavering support during the past successful editions and expressed his willingness to continue this collaboration with them alongside other
potential partners and sponsors. In deep connection with the theme of Limbe FESTAC which is “Unity In Diversity”, the President of the Limbe Chiefs’ conference, Chief Doctor Ekoka Molindo expressed joy to the fact that Limbe is linked to many historical events thus the right time for such an event to be held. He equally highlighted the fact that FESTAC is a gift to the Limbe population that should be treasured for a lifetime.

Honorable Etombi Ikome Gladys, the Member of Parliament for Fako East
constituency implored on press men and all others who were present to implement one of the main objectives of Limbe-FESTAC, which is to “relax” and get some time off from the usual hustle and bustle of daily living. The Minister of Arts and Culture for his part said Limbe FESTAC is now a rallying ground for Cameroon’s cultural diversity,adding that the flag of FESTAC must continuously be left to fly high.

The Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) is a platform for all culture from the Republic of Cameroon to be represented in one city alongside other cultures from neighboring countries like Nigeria and Gabon. This cultural and artistic jamboree will be characterized by activities ranging from Miss Limbe

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