Friday, April 28, 2017

Next French President. What Lessons For Cameroon?

39 year old Emmanuel Macron of En Marche party in France may be next President.If elected in the second round as it is anticipated,Macron will be the youngest French President ever.Book makers have started questioning what lessons this will have for Cameroon where its 85 year old leader ,Paul Biya has been in power for 35 years and is threatening to stand again in the 2018 presidential elections.
Voters in France have comprehensively snubbed the country's political establishment, sending far-right populist Marine Le Pen and political novice Emmanuel Macron through to the second round of the country's presidential election. With 97% of polling stations declared, newcomer Macron was leading the field with 23.9%. National Front Lear,Le Pen was close behind on 21.4%. The result upended traditional French politics: Neither candidate hails from the Establishment parties that have dominated the country for decades. 

It was a stunning victory for Macron, 39, a former investment banker who has never before stood for any elected office and now becomes the favorite to become France's next President. "We did it," he told jubilant supporters. It was also a success for Le Pen, who has spent years attempting to rid the Front National of the toxic legacy of her father. "It is time to free French people from arrogant elites ... I am the people's candidate," she declared. But it was not the comprehensive breakthrough for the far right that some had predicted.

Macron remains the frontrunner, and the markets moved to reflect that. Political sea change. The result mirrored others -- such as the British vote to leave the European Union and the US election of Donald Trump -- where voters have rejected traditional elites. "It's a political earthquake in this country and in Europe," veteran French journalist Christine Ockrent told CNN.

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