Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Reports of killings of civilians

Bamenda, Cameroon - just in and unverified - All who speaks English are in a deadlock. In the anglophone regions of Le République du Cameroun civilians are ordered to stay indoors from by the authorities from Monday the 4th to Friday the 15th of January 2019. Man, women, fathers, mothers, teenagers and young kids. Nothing moves except the military.

Those who went outside and were seen by the military, the military took aim and shot, without discrimination and questioning. The military sees anybody who is outside their house, on the the street as a separatist fighter.

Most eye witnesses are too afraid to tell. Government is tracking down internet and mobile phone traffic. Anonymous witness: “We are really suffering, There is no movement in town. No one goes out. It will stop on Friday.” With a cry for the world to see in Cameroon: “Please, put the pictures and video’s out there for the world to see what is happening to us. We are being killed by the military.”

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